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Digital marketing is the use of the entire complex of digital channels through which a brand/company/product is promoted or the attention of an audience is dragged.  

Digital marketing advantages:

  • The wide reach of a different audience;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • Availability of detailed information about the results of advertising campaigns;
  • Assistance in building brand loyalty;
  • Customer retention;
  • Sales promotion.

Types of digital marketing

Search engine optimization

This is the process of optimizing a website to improve its ranking on search engine results pages and to increase the volume of organic traffic.

SEO includes the following steps:

  • optimization of pages;
  • external optimization;
  • technical optimization.

The promotion strategy and further work on each site are developed individually since different approaches are used for landing pages, business cards and online stores.

Content marketing

It is a process of generating informative, useful content in order to increase brand recognition, drive more traffic and to attract potential customers. To show users the main “value” of a product or service is an essential part of this marketing type. The user should get really useful information that will encourage it to become a client of your company.

Contextual advertising

PPC advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) usually refers to the “paid results” at the top or side of the search results (SERP). You only pay when your ad is clicked. You might want your PPC ads when you enter certain key phrases, creating ads that are relevant to a specific audience. PPC channels: Google Ads; paid ads on Facebook; paid ads on Instagram;  LinkedIn advertising messages. With the help of statistics, you can find out which ads are generating income and which ones are generating losses in order to remove the latter in time and avoid wasting your budget.

Viral marketing

Viral marketing is digital marketing in which consumers transmit or share information about a company’s products or services via social media. Sensational or unusual content grabs attention and spreads quickly. It can be in any form, for example, videos, blog posts, social media posts, and on different topics (travel, food, beauty, technology, etc.). The result of viral marketing is short-term, with a significant spike in traffic and a sharp increase in people interested in the brand.

Social media marketing

This type is about engaging people in conversations and activities online. SMM is a great way to attract attention. It is used by both little-known and small businesses, and for large with a certain reputation. Social media platforms are being chosen based on the target audience. 

Digital social marketing services are a significant part of SMM. 

It can be complicated to make digital marketing strategies. You can read about the benefits of digital marketing company services here

Now let’s talk about myths about digital social marketing services. 

1.Digital social marketing services are illegal 

Social media platforms do not prohibit bought social reactions like views, likes, comments as long as they are from real people. Reliable providers offer services from real people. That way your social media accounts will not be compromised and banned. 

2.It’s expensive and not effective

Purchasing from digital marketing companies is cheaper than buying advertising from Google, Youtube or Facebook. You will spend significantly less money promoting your accounts this way than doing it through “official” providers. All the results will be reflected in official statistics. Moreover, you can earn money from it! If you buy Youtube views, your video rank better, with subscribers and followers you paint an image of an attractive advertiser. When you pay for Spotify promotion your number of songs` plays increases. Your chances to reach the top skyrocket. On Spotify, artists get paid for the amount of times their songs were played by someone for more than 30 seconds. 

3. People will know if I use them 

Unless you tell people that you bought any kind of digital social services no one will ever find out. All the likes and other actions are shown as organic and do not differ from ordinary things you usually see. 

4.It takes too much time and providers are not reliable 

There are some companies you should avoid when considering using this kind of service. However, if you choose an experienced and steady provider you will not have to worry about anything. As for the time limits, you might be surprised but digital social media services complete orders pretty fast. Usually, they have many managers working with clients and are interested in making their job good to avoid a bad reputation. Yet if you pay really cheap you can’t expect that the speed will be enormous. For good quality and fast results, you have to pay more than a minimum. 

5. They steal my money

Digital marketing companies are not burglars or hackers to steal from you. They use secure payment methods and cannot charge more than is on your account. Your banking details cannot be compromised when you pay on their websites. 


Digital marketing is the most prospective way to promote your business or public persona. Myths about using digital social marketing services do not have a steady foundation and lead to a huge misconception of the issue. If you trust your provider then you barely have a reason to worry. 

Share in the comment section your experience and opinions. 

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