How social distancing accelerates multiplayer mobile gaming

multiplayer mobile gaming

The week of March 22, 2020, was the biggest week for mobile game downloads ever at a record 1.2 billion downloads. Now we all know that the gaming industry has been on an upsurge since its inception, but this is a very significant increase and this hike is because of lockdown and social distancing measures people are supposed to follow throughout the world. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending their time in their homes only so they feel the need to be connected to their friends and family. This had lead to an increase in demand for social media apps. Another noticeable increase has been observed in the demand for mobile games. And if we look closely out of the game categories multiplayer games are in high demand at present. Following we have taken into light the way how social distancing accelerates multiplayer mobile gaming.

If we talk about the first three weeks of February, In China, the average weekly game downloads had jumped 80%, compared with the average weekly download for the whole of 2019, App Annie said. And globally the mobile game downloads have touched the mark of 4 billion rising from being 2.90 billion last year. Asia witnessed a 46% jump to 1.6 billion in February, according to Sensor Tower data. And most of the games whose downloads shot up were multiplayer games like, Honor of Kings, Game For Peace. In the same week of March other games such as Words With Friends 2, ROBLOX, Call of Duty: Mobile, Magic Tiles 3, and Mario Kart Tour have recorded a 50% increase in downloads worldwide. In these tough times, multiplayer mobile gaming has emerged as a source not only for entertainment but also to maintain a social connection while still following social distancing.

“Gaming has been one of the main beneficiaries in terms of increased time spent due to quarantine,” Stephens analyst Jeff Cohen wrote in a note to clients on Monday. As in this quarantine, people are looking for ways to stay connected and entertained. Since multiplayer games allow people to connect and play games with each other while staying at their home. Naturally multiplayer mobile games are in high demand amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdowns have boosted user engagement with video games and esports. Revenues for many gaming companies and platforms have increased during the pandemic.

In the long run, other implications are also coming up as potential possibilities. You must’ve heard about the online tournaments help by large scale multiplayer games. They are already very popular and are a great source of generating revenue. Though it’s not a monetization method as such but still it is very relevant among many multiplayer games. Games give rewards to the best players or tournaments winners. This attracts the players and engages them in the games and makes them spend on the game, tournaments, items in the store, and the premium features. This business model strategy is on its verge to evaluate into esports gaming This sector is expected to grow to just over $1 billion in 2020. with the majority of revenue coming from advertisements and other monetization methods, This has also been a great source and this suggests the continued growth of the gaming market in the coming days. This states not just during the time of coronavirus the gaming market is booming but it will grow in other potential ways. This implies that there are going to be great business opportunities in the gaming industry.

We can observe from the above analysis that from a business point of view social distancing has boosted the gaming industry. Along with some other industries amidst this pandemic gaming industry has reaped greater revenue gains. So at this time, it seems to be a great idea to enter the gaming market. As the gaming market is already huge as we know it and the revenue-generating opportunities are in abundance. So if you have an idea regarding a multiplayer mobile game with which you want to enter the market, Contact the best multiplayer game development company and discuss your idea.

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