5 Best Uses of multi-site maintenance software

multi site maintenance software

Before discussing multi-site maintenance software let me clarify to you that it is not the name of any different product but it is a newly launched feature of CMMS about which you are must be already aware. You can get multiple businesses, facilities, location through your database of CMMS with your multi-site feature. This newly introduced feature of CMMS has the capability to change the world of plants, production houses, and many other types of businesses and can make their life as easier as it was never before.

How it can be beneficial to your organization?

It is ideal for the organizations who are larger in size to access the data globally.

  • It can define standard procedures of maintenance and culture to follow for the organization with just one centralize CMMS. 
  • You can get a report using advanced features and can easily track the equipment’s performance, usage, and life, etc.
  • multi-site CMMS allows dealing with various businesses on different locations based on separate divisions and facilities anywhere.
  • You will not need to put data on the cloud to create more sites into your Multisite CMMS.
  • Additional sites can improve the security of your data.

Let’s discuss the best uses of multi-site which is the maintenance software. 

1. Accessibility to a wide range

With Multi-site function you can quickly permit approvals and configurations can also be done. Previously there were restrictions in looking at the data for different site managers but with Multisite administrator, you are able to view all the data of any site without any limitation. Multi-site CMMS software provides the view of all the sites at one place which helps the organization while evaluating the whole organization in comparison against other locations. All the users around the globe can easily access the data without facing restrictions of any location or setting. Users will be required to add the data just a single time into their system to access regardless of any location.

2. Progress track

You get the flexibility in many ways, also the influential analysis, tremendous speed, with offering such as suitable language convenience for the user of CMMS around the world. 

3. Large databases

This system is tremendously fast even with a heavy and large quantity of databases. One of the users of multi-site stated that he did manage more than 18 big plants of food processing with just a single server of multi-site which was hosted on the application of MainSmart. Many problems were reported and successfully resolved of each plant with extremely fast speed and precision.

4. Responsive to critical situations

With the Multi-site function of CMMS, you can find request, their move spares from different locations and can easily relocate them on the desired site. If you have faced such a situation where you were in great need but were not able to find such spares, so Multi-site has created it very simple to locate and then move anywhere in your system.

5. Standardization of processes and KPIs

You can easily create and view real-time KPIs of all the sites. Management is able to see metrics for every site separately and dashboards against key performance indicators to make comparisons such as planned, MTTR, and MTBF. Organizations also get the ability to follow the process as per the pre-defined standard of all the working processes and workflows organizational-wide.

It is designed to be quick and stress-free to implement but the multi-site feature must be enabled and configured to get multisite functionality. 

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