Mr. Louie Lujan – The Youngest Elected Mayor of La Puente

Youngest Elected Mayor

Mr. Louie Lujan is an active member of the La Puente community and it’s development. Read more about this dynamic personality here.

Louie Lujan – The Youngest Elected Mayor in California when elected in 2001- Still bringing positive results to La Puente. 

There exist very few such magnanimous personalities that redefine the face of politics. Furthermore, politics is a game that very few can easily master. However, one such extraordinary personality exists in the form of Louie Lujan who had the honor of being the Youngest elected administrator Mayor in California in 2001 and he brought positive results that the city desired for a long time.

Understanding the background of Louie Lujan

  • Mr. Louie Lujan La Puentegraduated with honors from University of southern California (USC). 
  • He is one of the three children of Alex and Rachel and was born in 1976
  • He holds a masters degree in secondary education and public administration. 
  • He had a brief stint as an educator during 2000 before jumping into the politics
  • Louie Lujan has been actively associated with the La Puente region for over 20 years.
  • He is committed to the cause of the La Puente and in serving the community at large.
  • He is actively concerned about factors like environment safety and social well-being. 

Key interest areas – 

Being an active educator during his initial years after graduation, Louie Lujan thoroughly follows the interest of young minds and is often observed focusing on providing the right educational opportunities to them. 

He quickly rose to fame on being elected as youngest Mayor of California in 2001 and gathered the interest of voters for his excellent ideas and suggestions. In 2005, he sets the record for most votes ever obtained by a top vote-getter in the City of La Puente’s history. This record still stands today.

Subsequently, Louie Lujan in La Puente today is an active contributor to the business development plans in the area and serves as an ambassador to the government for various agencies. His focus is on providing a clear and meaningful strategy to assist in getting support from the right government agency. He is further assisting the businesses around Los Angeles and Phoenix through lobbying and networking. 

Previous government offices handled

Louie Lujan has previously handled various positions in prime government offices. He has served as the –

  • Youngest Mayor of La Puente 
  • Director, Air Quality Management District
  • President of Puente water district
  • Vice president for California League of Cities, City Selection Committee

Louie Lujan, La Puente has further helped private sector through lobbying for key factors and government relations for industries like –

  • Real estate
  • Textiles
  • Communication
  • Education

Mr. Louie Lujan is a dedicated expert who has struggled his trail up to establish a prosperous occupation in the social and political profession. He has always loved to discover fresh ideas and shine his abilities to present the most suitable alternatives to the problems. He is motivated in teaching people on various aspects of environment safety and protection.

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