After a sharp drop in our activity during confinement, we got back on the road. We have previously established protocols so that each client benefits from a move with special COVID measures. movers and packers in Dubai priority remains your safety and that of our employees. We explain how we can protect ourselves, movers and clients. Follow the guide.


From the start of the confinement, we were authorized to carry out priority moves (social emergency, trips by law enforcement or health teams, etc.). However, we have reasonably chosen to suspend our activity. You will understand why.

To move a piece of furniture, a washing machine, a refrigerator, it is impossible to respect the safety distances. Very often, the movers work in pairs and are close to each other.

Also, the profession of professional mover is a physical profession. The trips are numerous. All day long, we go up and down the floors of a house, we carry heavy loads. And all this at a steady pace. Under these conditions, wearing a mask can seriously hinder breathing.

Another risk factor in our profession: we handle the personal property of our clients. So how can we guarantee that these objects are not contaminated?

In short, as you have understood, our profession could hardly adapt to the context of COVID. And we preferred to opt for the safety of our customers and our employees.


Since then, health professionals have made progress in understanding the coronavirus. Today, fortunately, we know what measures can protect us if they are scrupulously applied.

A guide to good practices has been drawn up by representatives of the removal companies. It has been transmitted to the Ministry of Labor. It should be noted that at the time of this writing, it has not been validated. We will therefore be attentive to any recommendations that may be issued in return.

We have implemented the following measures for salespeople and movers. They apply to people visiting our customers:

We check the temperature of our employees every day: if we notice a temperature above 38 ° C, we invite the employee to go home;

We provide our teams with hydro alcoholic gel so that everyone can wash their hands regularly;

Our employees are equipped with masks;

Our movers travel with their own bottle of water, their coffee thermos, exchanges are limited;

We limit attendance to 2 employees per vehicle;

Every evening, when we return to the depot, we completely disinfect the vehicle cabins.


If we make our teams aware of the risks of contamination, the same is true for our customers. Before your move, we will tell you the procedures to apply in the interest of all. Here is a summary:

On moving day, there is no need to be numerous on site. One person to open the door to our team is enough; during our intervention, we ask you to apply the rules of distancing. Normally our employees appreciate being offered a coffee. But there, do not be offended if they refuse;

We recommend that you wear a mask;

Before and after our visit, you can disinfect the door handles using a cloth and your usual household product. Thanks to these simple but common sense measures, best movers in Abu Dhabi greatly reduce the risk of contamination between movers or between movers and clients. This is what allows us to carry out, for more than a month now, moves with complete peace of mind.

By Darbaar

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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