Movies – The Perfect Career Upgrade For The Regional Talent!

There was a time when singers sang and actors acted, and everything was normal. These days, singers are acting and actors are singing and even doing their regular jobs! Where has the charm of the old days gone? Well, jokes, apart, the short films; documentaries and full-length movies have been changing things. The regional talent has been getting more exposure which is a good thing as well. This has led to the popularity of regional cinema as well. Some of the best examples are the singers from Punjab.

Gurdas Mann started acting after establishing his name as a singer. However, the fan-following and audience of regional films in those days were not that big. Well, the video streaming channels made things better for the domain and singers acted in the videos of their songs. This led to the diversification of their career as well. Diljit Dosanjh; Gippy Grewal; Ammy Virk and now, Parmish Verma – all of them started as singers. Then they made a smooth glide into the acting profession.

They found it extremely easy to establish their names in the domain as well. This is because acting in the videos of their songs was already praised. They have a huge fan base that can instantly make their movies hit with just a single watch. Before Parmish Verma started featuring the videos, he was working behind the scenes. And now, Dil Diyan Gallan has been making the news. Want to check what the hype is all about; use BookMyShow offers code to book tickets and check it out!

Well, what are the major reasons that make the regional singers’ movies hit? Why acting is sought-after by almost all the celebrated singers? Let us find in the following post!

#1 – Fan base is established:

When the singers start acting, they are already famous online. Their songs are played on DJ in all the parties and they have a strong online presence. Almost all the models and singers have a public channel where they even come for live events. They take open question-answer rounds which bring them closer to their fans. The regional talent is applauded by all the regional people. They are called ‘ji and Bhai ji’ everywhere. Hence, their fan base and popularity are deeper than the celebs that only act! You might not believe that even the villages or the cities from where they come are treated with certain respect amongst the regional folk!

Way to go actors!

#2 – The next move is acting, of course!

The singers start with huge enthusiasm. They make a vibrant entry with their original songs and create a huge fan army. Then, the number of songs gets fewer with every passing year and they start losing fans. Hence, in order to maintain their popularity and online presence, they need to do something that can utilize their fan base. And, acting the best option of all the other ones; right? Look at the career graph of Diljit Dosanjh. He started as a singer; transitioned into a regional actor and then into a Bollywood Actor as well. Commendable job done; must say!

It was the best thing he could have done with his career. Staying in movies has led him to sing some songs for his own films as well. He doesn’t have the same pressure for releasing new albums or songs; as it would have been if he stayed singer only.

Further, not all singers can enjoy a dream acting run. Babbu Mann is an example of this scenario. And, the actors that started in Bollywood with poor performance, excelled in the regional cinema. And, we all know Jimmy Shergill as a wonderful example.

So, all in all, regional cinema is doing the best it can to bring regional talent into focus. If you need proof, grab some BookMyShow coupons and watch Pramish Verma in Dil Diyan Gallan.

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