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The arrival of the fourth generation Apple TV a year and a half ago was a real change in the way we watch TV. It is true that this already sounds like a cliche, but it is the simple truth, and those who have this device in their home, and love movies, TV series or documentaries, can attest to it. And this despite the fact that large media groups such as ATresMedia, Mediaset and even Amazon are still resisting doing what they should have already done: they have launched their content application for Apple TV.

ocean of movies

But let us not be fooled, Apple TV 4, along with the fantastic tvOS operating system, would be nothing without the hard work of many developers, as, given the incomprehensible attitude of teams like the aforementioned, Netflix or HBO would not even have landed in our country. Therefore, this article is not about Apple TV, but for these applications, the best in my mediocre opinion, with which you can enjoy hundreds, thousands of movies, series and documentaries, forgetting the ads once and for all.

1 Star for watching movies and series on Apple TV

1.1 Netflix

1.2 HBO

1.3 RTVE and Clan TV series

1.4 Inject and Plex

1.5 VidLib

Star app for watching movies and series on Apple TV

I’m already looking forward to this post for those readers who love movies and / or TV series.

I also want to predict that some of the following applications will be obvious to many of you, but just because they are obvious, they are here. To start? Oh, and if all you want is to download free movies, go to the link we just left you.


Well, yes, first of all we put the most obvious, the Netflix application for Apple TV, application that stands out in two dimensions:

The huge quality, quantity and variety of content, although it is true that there are always movies that would be better to forget.

The excellent user interface and the logarithm of its proposals.

With Netflix you can create multiple user profiles, one for each family member and the system will learn what you like by constantly showing movies, series and documentaries that suit their interests. Thus, the “My list” section is growing at a higher rate than you can consume and as time goes on, it learns more and more, it becomes more and more accurate. Daredevil, Narcos, House of Cards, The Santa Clarita Diet and hundreds of other titles are just a few of the examples that will fool you. In order to watching your interesting TV shows and news anywhere in the word you can watch them on Oreo TV for PC because it has a wide range of TV shows.


We cannot ignore the HBO application for Apple TV However, it is part of this choice more for the quality of its content than for the quality of the application itself. Westworld, The Young Pope, The Wire, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones, The Exorcist, Tabboo, etc., show the quality of HBO content, as always, with exceptions, however, its user interface leaves much to be desired. Desirable: you cannot create user profiles, you cannot add a row to your list but individual chapters and Of course, it is not as smart as Netflix.

However, if you like movies and series, HBO cannot be absent.

RTVE and Clan TV series

We have seen two TV streaming services that, as we all know, are paid; however, the offer, although limited, is wider. I put applications in the same batch  RTVE Series , with which you can enjoy a huge number of series completely, free and without ads on Spanish public television and  Clan TV , a similar application, but with content for children and also in English, so that the little ones they can learn this language.

Both are free and can be downloaded directly from your Apple TV App Store and have corresponding versions for iOS.

Inject and Plex

If you want to download movies, series, documentaries, programs to your Mac or external hard drive, with Inspiration o con Plex you can enjoy all of this content directly on Apple TV 4

I will not go into details about each of them as it would be a very extensive comparison, however, I encourage you to look at both carefully and choose the one that best suits your interests. I leave you the links of both.


VidLib, it is such a fantastic application that I will save it for the last time. You can imagine being able to see all the content distributed on pages like HDFull, Pordede, Dando Series etc. directly on your Apple TV? So don’t talk anymore. Of course, VidLib is a functionality, although I know its developer is working on a user experience that will surprise us.

Beside these best apps, you can also visit ocean of movies for watching newly released dubbed movies in tamil, hindi, telugu, etc.

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