4 Types of Bomber Jackets you need to buy this year

dex parios bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are one of the coolest Men jackets ever introduced in the history of fashion. But do you know what was the main purpose of these jackets? Bomber jackets originated back in the second world war. The main purpose of these jackets was to protect pilots and soldiers from extreme weather conditions. Even after so many years these jackets are still in fashion and I believe they are not going out of style anytime soon. 

Now with the fashion evolution, bomber jackets come in different styles and shapes. You can find them in different fabrics too. Like leather bomber jackets, Dex Parious jackets, Irvin flying jackets, and the list is long. 

The main purpose of all these jackets is to protect your body from the cold weather with alot of style. 

If you are confused and can’t select which bomber jacket you need to buy this season, then worry not. Below, after a lot of research I have selected the top 4 best bomber jackets that you need to buy this year. So let’s have a look at them. 

Dex Parios Bomber Jackets: 

Dex Parios Bomber  jackets are for the people who think out of the box. And they follow the latest fashion trends religiously. If you are fan of TV shows then you must have heard about an American TV show named as Stumptown. In which a Lady investigator is playing as a protagonist. She is energetic, unapologetic and the strongest woman with no fears at all. The fans of this show are not just impressed with this woman character but in fact they fell in love with her wardrobe too. If you are in the same boat then buying a Dex Parios bomber jacket is a great idea. 

These Jackets are super comfortable, with popping colors you can get the attention of everyone around. Dex Parios jackets can be easily styled with other clothing pieces. The easy and simple go to style is wear it up with simple blue jeans to create a casual everyday look. 

Vintage Style Bomber Jackets: 

It always feels great to go back in time and buy a real leather bomber jacket. A real leather bomber jacket will cost you a lot of money as it is made up of pure leather and no other clothing item can give you warmth like a leather jacket. A classic black Bomber jacket is always a great choice to buy. If you are thinking of investing in only one jacket this year then I would definitely suggest you buy a vintage style black bomber leather jacket. 

You can pair up a black Leather bomber jacket with other clothing items. This jacket is perfect to create casual and formal looks. Just pair it up with the plain jeans and trust me you are ready to step out. Wear tough looking boots to complete your look in just five minutes. 

Once you have invested your money in it, you are not going to regret it for the coming decade. 

Shearling Flight Jacket: 

Shearling Flight jacket comes with the fur over the neck line, cuffs and on the bottom. It is one of the most warm jackets ever introduced in the history of mankind. With the fleece lining, the Shearling flight jacket is super soft, cosy and comfortable. It is best for the regions where the weather gets extremely cold. This bomber jacket is going to cost you a good amount, but investing in a Shearling flight jacket is going to be the best decision of your life. 

You can style this jacket effortlessly. Just wear it above jeans and tough looking boots to create a complete look. Wear it on different casual events like parties, dinner with friends or while walking out with your pets. 

White Bomber Jacket: 

Let’s not forget a white Bomber jacket in this list. Though many men don’t prefer white jackets, they look highly attractive if worn correctly. A white jacket looks great with a darker color T shirt and pants. You can wear it over T shirts like navy blue, black, grey, or try some popping colors including red, yellow and royal blue. Pair it up with simple blue and balck jeans to complete your look in just a few minutes. White Jackets are comfortable, easy to carry and help you to create easy everyday looks. 

Wrapping up!!

Here are top 4 most trending and stylish bomber jackets For the year 2021. If you are an extra stylish human being and want to impress others then I would suggest you to go with Dex Parios bomber jackets this year. 

What is your favourite type of Bomber Jacket and why? Share your fashion ideas with us in the comment section below. 

Thats all. 

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