There are literally thousands of flower types and varieties in existence but there are a select few that remain popular with flower shops and florists due to their shape, colour, variety, versatility, and durability. Curious about what flowers make the top of a florist’s list? Here’s a list of some of the most popular flowers used in florist.


Hydrangeas are popular florist flowers because of their large blossoms and varying colours making them stand out from other flowers. They can fill out large flower arrangements, bouquets, and flower stands and grow as shrubs. Their colours vary from green, white, pink, purple and even blue, all naturally grown depending on the pH levels of their soil.


Eustomas look like a mix between a carnation and a rose and their small and branched buds make for perfect filler flowers for flower bouquets and vases. These long-lasting flowers have ruffled petals and come in different shades of pink, purple, white and can by bi-coloured as well.


Carnations are a flower shop staple. They’re generally inexpensive but highly versatile in colour and diversity as well as durability. Pink, purple, red, white, and bi-coloured are some of the carnations favourite hues. They also vary in size making them easy to put in nearly any flower arrangement.


Lilies are extraordinary flowers for their shape, colours, perfume, and variety. They are often the centerpiece of a good flower bouquet for their large and ornamental blooms. The most common types of lilies found in flower shops are the lush oriental lily-types for their colour varieties and large blooms.


Roses are one of the world’s most popular flowers so it’s no surprise that they’re found in every flower shop. Diverse colour varieties, hardiness, and its lush bloom are just a few of the many reasons why we love roses. As well as being symbolic of love, they also have a long standing with floriography, the language of flowers, for their different colours and numbers when gifted.

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Is there anything more cheerful and fresh than a daisy? Spray chrysanthemums are popular flower bouquet fillers, while Gerber daisies are large and bright allowing them to be the star show piece of a flower bouquet, vase or flower décor. This versatility makes daisies very desirable in a flower shop.


Once considered exotic, orchids are now popular, yet still highly desirable flowers found in a flower shop. It’s hard not to admire the beautiful qualities of an orchid with its exquisite and unique shape and vibrant colours. Cymbidium and dendrobium orchids are popular types for flower shops as they can be easily arranged into flower vases or flower décor.


Tulips are a florist’s favourite spring flower. Grown from bulbs planted in the Fall, tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring. They’re bright, colourful, and extremely hardy flowers that come in a variety of warm and spring-like colours, such as red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and even bi-coloured. They make an impression on their own or intertwined into spring-inspired flower bouquets.

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