What Are the Most Common Domestic Electrical Problems?

electrical problems

Electrical problems can be frustrating. People depend on electricity to an extent that any form of disruption or power outage limits a person’s ability to perform even basic tasks. If left unchecked, an unassuming problem may snowball into a major one that requires extensive repairs or a complete overhaul of your domestic electrical system. This is why you need to call your domestic electrician the moment you suspect or spot a potential issue and get it resolved at the earliest. 

There are a number of domestic electrical problems you will come across in the course of owning a residential property. Some will require a quick fix-up while others call for more extensive repairs. 

Let us go through some of the most common issues witnessed in domestic properties.

  • Hot outlets
    Electrical appliances generate heat while it is operating over some time. In rare cases, the outlet itself becomes very hot. Avoid such outlets until they are repaired by a certified electrician.
  • Overloaded circuit
    An overloaded circuit is undoubtedly one of the most common and most challenging issues faced by domestic residents. The circuit becomes overloaded when too many appliances are plugged into it and eventually trips the breaker.  A local domestic electrician can take care of the problem provided they have the necessary certification and experience.
  • Flickering lights
    Flickering lights are visible signs of a possible electrical issue at your places like a loose contact, faulty wiring, or high voltage surges. Avoid trying to DIY repair such issues and instead call for a professional. An experienced electrician can diagnose the issue swiftly and get it fixed.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, or GFCIs, are safety devices that prevent possible electrical issues by sensing electrical surges and tripping the circuit accordingly. Even so, the GFCI can continuously trip even after the problem is fixed and requires a trained electrician to reset it. A tripped GFCI can be frustrating to deal with especially if there are no signs of any electrical problems.
  • Aluminium wiring
    Aluminium wiring was regarded as the perfect replacement for copper in electrical systems. However, when exposed to air, aluminium oxidises faster than copper producing intense heat. Call an experienced electrician immediately if you spot exposed aluminium wiring.
  • Faulty wiring
    The wiring of a house must be done with caution and proper focus. Any mistake or negligence can end in disaster. A possible fire can cause warning signs like a burning smell. Contact your local electrician and the fire services if you spot signs of a fire.
  • Electric shocks
    If a person experiences electric shocks from an electrical appliance, it is a clear indication of ungrounded wiring. If you experience an electric shock from your appliances, send for an electrician at the earliest.
  • Loose outlets
    Never underestimate loose outlets. They can eventually shake the wires free causing sparks and short circuits, and are possible fire hazards.
  • Rodent issue
    This is one of the most frustrating issues that can happen in domestic properties. Rodents like rats, rabbits and beavers can cause major electrical system problems by chewing through wires or tangling up the lines. Exposed wiring should be repaired as soon as possible and such checks should be an integral part of property maintenance services.

What Does a Domestic Electrician Do? How Can They Help?

Most of the electrical issues faced by domestic residents can be handled by your local electrician. A good electrician will resolve your issues and employ safeguards, if applicable, to prevent future mishaps. If you are a new tenant or have just bought a home, it is advisable to look for a reliable domestic electrical problems right away.

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