Modern Techniques For Attracting, Retaining Truckers

The demands on the trucking business will only continue to grow as consumers get used to the near-instant satisfaction of buying with a click and receiving a package at breakneck speed. Here are five methods for keeping up with that demand.

Amazon ships more than 5 billion items in a year worldwide through Prime, its same-day, one-day, and two-day shipping option. And that’s just Amazon. Thanks to the trucking industry, which moved 71.4% of the nation’s tonnage freight in 2018, these unbelievable numbers are possible.

The demands on the trucking industry will only continue to grow as consumers get used to the near-instant gratification of buying with a click and receiving a package at breakneck speed.

Retaining Truckers

And even though there were 7.8 million people hired in trucking-related jobs in 2018, up 100,000 from the previous year, according to the Trucking Association, the forecast still predicts a growing shortage of drivers (160,000 unfilled driver positions over the next decade).

As such, the industry is thinking of new and innovative ways to attract and retain talent. Here are five ways the trucking sector is reimagining how they find new drivers and keep them satisfied in their jobs.

Raise a New Class of Truckers

Recent data show about 8% of long-haul truckers are female. As a result, freight companies see this as an excuse to attract more of this segment, particularly since long-haul driving is undergoing the most significant lack of drivers.

And even though the products are low, freight businesses are beginning to track this data more and more. For example, the Ladies in Trucking Association says there’s been a 19% improvement in tracking female drivers and administrators, which means “more companies are actually monitoring these figures and can benchmark with other vehicles in the industry,” which is promising.

Improve The Recruiting Method

A new workforce develops new ways of improving. As such, the trucking business is turning to social media and conventional job boards for better targeting. 

Freight companies are also partnering with trucking schools to sponsor CDL training for students. In addition, trucking companies have implemented more thorough pre-employment screenings to review candidates’ motor vehicle records, overall health, drug and alcohol use, and criminal records of hiring and retaining better employees.

Increase Pay

The National Transportation Institute reported higher than average pay early. It highlighted that signing bonuses continue to be a way that trucking companies attract drivers, but guaranteed income is on the rise.

Many freight companies use all the weapons in their arsenal to attract drivers, including yearly pay increases, weekend driving pay increases, performance bonuses and more. 

Make The Job Easier

What happens after the recruiting process is just as crucial for job satisfaction. At many freight companies, onboarding is evolving to combine mentorships, customized programs based on experience, driver family outreach, and continued contact with new hires for up to six months. 

Advances in trucking are making the job easier. For example, new trucks are equipped with automatic transmissions and safety features that can monitor the road, look out for obstacles or dangerous driving, and even hit the brakes automatically. Not to mention new trucks are more accessible to operate than ever, cabs are now designed ergonomically, and with autonomous driving on the horizon, many argue this could significantly improve drivers’ jobs. 

Enhance Benefits

Driver retention continues to be a top 10 concern for freight companies. Early 2019 data show the turnover rate at truckload fleets with more than $30 million in revenue was an astonishing 83%. To put that into perspective, for a company with 100 employees, that turnover percentage would equal 83 employees; for companies with 1000 employees, that would be the equivalent of 830 employees leaving the company. So along with this Atul Gem is providing maximum productivity with durability. 

A complete benefits package including 401(k), health care and paid time off at minimum is crucial in retaining driver employees. But offering good benefits is only half the battle. The right benefits plan structure is key to success in using benefits to attract and retain employees and drivers.

Trucker Satisfaction

The demands made of the freight industry will only continue to grow. And while the market is thinking of ways to scale, including driverless technology, these ideas are not viable in the short term. The Tata Ace truck model is the best option for drivers to reach long destinations for comfort driving. 

If the trucking business is going to meet the market demands placed upon it now and in the future, it will have to address the driver shortage issue. Business as usual will not be enough. 

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