Modern Feminism VS Women Empowerment – The Basic Difference

modern feminism vs women empowerment

In today’s world feminism and woman empowerment is a topic of prominence and is constantly under discussion within many social circles. Some individuals take it as an opportunity to start a battle between genders and start arguments about how one is better or more dominating in comparison to the other. This occurs due to the fact that rarely any of us know the true definition of either feminism or women empowerment when we set out to speak for or against it in a group. So here we are going to focus upon what these two terms really stand for and whether they are valid beyond the point of just being a trend spread through social media.

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By definition what it means to have a feminist mindset is to believe that both genders are equal in all levels. Whether it is life skills, salaries, law, social status or employment opportunities women and men need to be treated equally. Feminism is not a belief that is only reserved to women. Both a man or a woman can be a feminist. It deems to only call for the same rights and opportunities for men and woman both.

Woman Empowerment

The process to strengthen and empower woman so they can achieve their basic potential or even go beyond it is considered woman empowerment. Woman empowerment is a multi-fold concept. It ranges from legal empowerment where a woman’s rights are explained to her to health facility empowerment where women are able to access basic hygiene in hospitals. It can further on be also in the form of economic empowerment where a woman is taught the right skill to be able to enter the business industry or to fight the right of having an equal amount of salary.

When it comes down to it one can say that women empowerment and feminism are both sides of the same coin as they ask for equal female rights in the society.

Some Examples of Feminism

  1. If a country’s constitution is created with the perspective of men and women both being equal in the eyes of the law, then it is a feminist document. It displays that the people who drafted the constitution are individuals who possess a feminist thinking style.
  2.  The right for women education is another example of feminism. Many third world countries around the world have this social mindset in rural areas to not allow their women education. According to them a woman will forget her responsibilities as a wife, daughter and mother if she proceeds to get education. There are many social services and organizations like the UN who are trying to raise awareness regarding the education of women in such places.

Examples of Woman Empowerment

  1. Through legal awareness all women are made to understand what their rights are. She is taught ways to approach the right people in the legal system who can help her and exactly which circumstances are considered as the infringement of her rights.
  2. Giving a woman economic empowerment means that she is allowed to build and develop a skill set that enables her to work successfully as an employee or either start her own business. She is basically given the power to earn money by herself if she wishes or needs to. It makes her dependent and also gains her an outlet to test herself as an individual and the things she is capable of outside of her marriage and children.

How Are These Concepts Being Integrated in This Era?

Amid the arguments that usually stem amongst groups on the topic of feminism and women empowerment, somehow the world and women themselves have decided that to be independent and powerful they need to follow a set path. The past few years are considered huge for woman empowerment with figures like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris gracing the news. Female entrepreneurs are gradually being given more prominence and even pop culture is not behind in its portrayal of strong females such as Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. 

However, do we stop to think what actually qualifies as strength? Success is a thing to be celebrated in both genders, yet we are beginning to celebrate women only when they are acting like men, or at least when they are acting according to the preferences and traits that are masculine.  It is important to understand that turning women into men is not exactly empowering but only an imitation which is not exactly flattering. And nor is encouragement of the concept that femininity is less than masculinity. If you need help in writing essays on the topic of feminism or any other subject you can always reach out to our service for affordable essay help UK that provides you with the best essays in the lowest possible prices.              

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