Quick help mobile repair at home

Since the introduction in 1994, Smartphone technology holds the pride of being the world’s most beloved innovation. This technology offers a complete package of performance, connectivity, and entertainment. From calling to media playback, we use our smartphones for multiple purposes. Even mobile manufacturers are producing more productive devices to meet our requirements.

The latest smart phones may have powerful processors, durable build quality, beautiful display. However, they are still electronic gadgets and can develop several technical issues after a while. We usually visit a repair center or hire a technician to get our device repaired. In case you are not in the condition to visit a repair center, you can repair your mobile parts by yourself at home. It is quite easy to repair a mobile without visiting a repair clinic. All you need to is follow a step-by-step procedure discussed below.

Have a look at the steps for a quick mobile repair at home:

Find out the issue :

Finding out the issue is a crucial part mobile repairing procedure. Before you start repairing your mobile, you must know what exactly happened to it. Let’s take an example for better clarification. Suppose your device is facing a battery drain issue. It does not mean your device needs an urgent battery replacement. There is a variety of reasons that can cause battery drain. In simple words, you should analyze your mobile and find out the exact issue before proceeding further. Only disassemble your device when you know which component is creating malfunction. Also, never disassemble your mobile until not required.

Search for YouTube tutorials:

As we know, YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing platform. It features content on almost every single thing in the world. Skilled technicians keep posting mobile repair tutorials on their channels. You can easily find a video tutorial by searching your device’s model and the problem you are facing. After that, find out an appropriate video tutorial according to your requirements. Video tutorials are the best source for beginners to repair a smart phone at home. Meanwhile, make sure to choose a video tutorial on the same device model and the issue you are facing.

Avail necessary tools:

As you had to find out an appropriate video tutorial, watch the video until the end and digest how the technician fixed that issue. You will get to know about various components of your device and the tools you need to disassemble the same. Collect all the necessary tools used by the technician throughout the repair. You should arrange ESD safe tools if possible to prevent your device from ESD current. In case you fail to avail of ESD safe tools, make sure you are using good quality screwdrivers. Also, never use rusted or broken screwdrivers during mobile repair as they can damage your device and you as well.

Disassemble components:

Once you avail all the necessary tools, you are good to proceed further. Start unscrewing your device with an appropriate screwdriver. If you are unscrewing an iPhone, you should start with unscrewing bottom screws using a pentalobe screwdriver. After that, remove the back housing of your device. You will see a wealth of hardware components such as the battery, camera housing, motherboard, etc. Start disassembling the hardware components according to your requirements. There is no need to remove all the hardware components and teardown the device. Only unscrew the hardware components that you think are necessary to repair your smartphone.

Fix the issue:

Now, you have a disassembled device in front of you. You can analyze the issue and fix it by following the video tutorial. A smartphone is build of delicate hardware components, and you need to treat them accordingly. In case you are using heating tools to fix the issue, then use them with utmost caution. Even a single second of carelessness can burn the device and injure you as well. After that, check whether the issue is fixed, or not as the technician did in the YouTube video tutorial. Also, make sure you are only fixing the reason behind your device malfunction. Never mess up with other components that are not associate with the malfunctioning.

Reassemble the device:

As you had fixed the issue, it is time to reverse the whole process. Start reassembling your device in the same way as you had disassembled it. Collect all the components and assemble them in their right place. Sometimes, some hardware components lose the adhesive during the repair. You have to apply new adhesive to these components to reassemble your device. It is a quiet task as you are going to reverse the same process you did before. Meanwhile, make sure to assemble every single component and screw them tightly to get accurate results.

Switch on the mobile and start using:

Now, your device is ready to use. Switch on the smartphone and give some time to your device. You need to be very patient so that you can analyze either your mobile working properly or not. Once your device boot up, start using it and analyze the problem you was facing earlier. Use your device for a long time and perform all the regular tasks like calling, gaming, photography, media playback, etc. People merely face the same issue in a device after repairing it properly. In case your device still has the same issue, then visit a repair clinic to get it repaired. 


The smartphone is amongst the most beloved innovations in the world. We use mobile for calling, gaming, playing media, photography, and much more. Even the latest mobiles are manufactured to deliver the expected performance as we want. Meanwhile, being an electronic device, it can develop some technical and heating issues after a while. You can easily fix that issue by following the procedure discussed above. However, you need to repair a mobile carefully as it is assembled with delicate hardware components. In case you are not getting how to fix the issue, visit a mobile repair center or hire a technician to get your device repaired. Visit- Esource Parts

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