The Different Categories of Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Believe it or not, mobile applications are now a crucial part of our daily lives. From gaming to exercising, mobile apps and solutions are now ruling the realms of the online digital world. From business and marketing sectors to the entertainment industry, every known industry is leveraging the effectiveness of mobile apps to stay relevant in this highly competitive and continuously evolving digital world.

Importance of mobile applications in today’s generation

The mobile app industry is flooded with tons of applications and mobile solutions. Where many businesses strive to stand out and stay ahead of the curve, others simply build apps to meet the demands and needs of the targeted audience and potential customers.

Role of developer

However, the only rule that the developer has to remember and follow is no matter which type and category of the app he’s building it have to modernize the processes and ease up the life activities. Developing an app requires expertise in various tools and a clear understanding of the app requirements.

Make sure that your app idea fits well with the app requirements and establish a customer base for successful monetization of your developed application. When it comes to building apps, the developers are usually presented with an extensive array of various categories and types of applications and mobile solutions. To give you an idea about different types of app, here’s a comprehensive list of the basic categories of apps and mobile solutions:

Lifestyle Apps:

We live in an era where almost everything has shifted to the online mobile world, be it entertainment or fitness. Fitness and lifestyle apps have become quite popular in recent years. These apps consist of features which monitor, support and determine your lifestyle. Moreover, when it comes to building a lifestyle app, make sure to determine the wow factor before going for the development phase. Knowing the preferences, likes, and dislikes of the targeted audience helps in boiling an exceptional lifestyle app. Apps like Spotify, Uber, and TripAdvisor have commonly used lifestyle apps.

Social Media Apps:

Probably one of the most widely-used apps present on the internet. From providing you with ease of access to efficiency in regular use, these apps are continually evolving and expanding to support more integral features of social networking sites and platforms. Whether you want to share an informative post and article or you want to have face-to-face interaction with your team remotely, these apps are well-equipped with all such functionalities. Some of the most commonly used social media apps include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Utility Mobile Apps:

Most of the utility are pre-installed and performs a single task. Most of the utility apps are used only the need arises. For instance, you will only open your built-in calculator when you have to do a quick summation or while splitting the bill at a restaurant. Most commonly used utility includes calculator, reminders, notes, flashlight, memos, and other similar apps and mobile solutions.

Gaming Apps:

Developing a high-quality gaming app is the target of numerous mobile app developers UAE, UK, and many more. Therefore, breaking into the gaming and entertainment industries is tough because of the high competition. The chief behind such increased popularity of these apps among the app developer is that they have a larger user base and attract a broader and diverse group of audience. From being addictive to extremely amusing.

Some of the most famous and widely downloaded gaming apps are as under:

a)    Angry birds.

b)    The Sims.

c)    Pokémon Go.

d)    Clash of the Clans.

e)    Subway Surfer.

f)    PUBG mobile

Productivity Apps:

These types of usually used to complete a particular type of task. Including innovative and advanced features allow the user to finish the tasks efficiently and effectively. Some of the most generally used productivity application include docs, sheets, wallet, slides, and many other similar apps.

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