Mitsubishi ASX 2020 is fourth restyling of the same car


Mitsubishi released the first images of the “new” ASX. The quotes are because although the compact SUV shows a completely revolutionary look, the model maintains the same platform as the other three restyling. One of Mitsubishi’s attractions for the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, he won a lead inspired by the look of the Eclipse Cross.

The grille is new, steeper, sharper headlights, while the front bumper has gained a more straight and aggressive look. In addition, the fog lights are LEDs and divided into four points of light in each of them. In the back, it becomes clear how the car is still the same since the changes were much smaller.

Basically a new bumper, with a fake integrated diffuser and air vents at the ends. There is a new rear fog light in the center of the bumper and the lanterns have retained the shape but receive a new design. Internally, the novelty is a huge multimedia center with an 8-inch screen and touch screen. It brings Tom-tom GPS with integration to an mobile application that reaches the fuel level and indicates the nearest station.

mitsubishi asx

ASX engine does not change

For Europe, the ASX 2020 arrives with a four-cylinder, 2-liter engine, yielding about 150 hp. The transmission can be either the five-speed manual or the six-speed automatic CVT. There is also the option of front or full wheel drive.  In Brazil, the engine is the same and recently got the flexible technology, which allows to reach up to 170 hp. It is offered only with CVT exchange and has options for front or full wheel drive. It starts from R $ 104,900 and goes up to R $ 130,990. This new generation will be nationalized with production in the factory of Catalo (GO) and with flexible motorization, but still no date of arrival. For more details about the car, accessories click on outdoor winter car cover.

Mitsubishi registers the new L200 in Brazil

Mitsubishi has already registered the new generation L200 patent at INPI, the National Institute of Industrial Property. The model is already sold in Thailand, where it is also produced, and in other Southeast Asian countries. There is still no scheduled date for the pickup in Brazil.


The look registered by Mitsubishi is the same as the Asian model. The front has straighter lines and LED headlights. The grille is chrome and accompanies the lines on the inside of the headlights. Under the new “bark”, the L200 should replace the five-speed automatic gearbox with a six-speed gearbox. The engine should continue the same 2.4 to 190 hp diesel, but the new gearbox should improve the performance and economy of the propeller. The 4X4 drive is driven by a rotary selector on the center console.

New L200 will have more equipment

The new generation cab has simple airs, with little apparent luxury. There are items such as a multimedia center, but the instrument cluster is analog and has only one screen in the center to display information from the onboard computer. The Thai version has security features such as blind-spot monitor and cross-traffic monitor at the rear. There is also a system that controls the accelerator in parking maneuvers and emergency braking to avoid trampling and collisions

Everything you need to know about Mitsubishi cars and parts

Mitsubishi is one of the most famous car manufacturers in the world. If you work with automotive vehicles it is imperative that you get to know Mitsubishi cars and parts. After all, all brand knowledge is critical to delivering a high-quality service to your customers.

The Mitsubishi car

Mitsubishi is a company with years of history, was founded in the year 1870 in Minato, in the city of Tokyo, Japan. The Mitsubishi group plays a very important role in Asia, being the continent’s largest conglomerate, present in several different market types. Today, it has more than 200 companies spread across 180 countries. The focus on sports cars has made the company create a special division, called Reliant, which produces vehicles for off-road competitions. Even a test lab of this division is considered the most difficult in the world.

Mitsubishi is also the greatest champion of the Dakar Rally, winning 12 times the competition. In Brazil, the cars of the brand began to be imported in the year of 1991, but only in the year of 1998, the Mitsubishi unit in the country was born. That is why it is so important to have knowledge about Mitsubishi cars and parts. Regarding their cars, Mitsubishi draws much attention because of its innovative design and the focus on sports cars that can ride on any terrain, most of its cars have 4 × 4 tractions. The brand cars are mainly into four types: pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers, fleet and sedan. See below which models comprise each brand line.

The Mitsubishi parts

Mitsubishi cars, like any other in the market, have the factory warranty for a limited time. That’s why it’s important to get ready for contingencies. Know that the parts of this car are easily found in the country. However, a skilled workforce is required to make the necessary repairs. After all, each car has a different system and it is not anyone who will know how to handle the cars and parts of the brand.

How to become a professional in Mitsubishi cars and parts?

As you can see the market is always looking for professionals skilled in dealing with the cars of the Mitsubishi brand. What makes it a good way to get income invest in the knowledge of cars and Mitsubishi parts. The best way to do this is by investing in courses that offer quality teaching on the subject. A good example is the 2000 Automotive Mechanics that offers online courses on various types of automotive subjects.

It pays to test the Mitsubishi ASX 4 × 4

Beautiful, big and strong, the Mitsubishi ASX 4 × 4 ensures comfort and power for those looking for an SUV that can be the everyday car to face the routine of the city, but that guarantees that extra fun on the dirt roads in the late week. Mitsubishi ASX price The entry version is the ASX CVT 4X2 which has MIVEC DUO VVT 2.0 Flex engine with 2WD traction and an automatic CVS ​​INVECS-III transmission, it has a price of approximately R $ 104 thousand.

Now, for those who want to get a better look at the heavier roads, the order is with the Mitsubishi 4×4 ASX with leather seats, voice command, well equipped and priced approximately R $ 121 thousand. The most complete option of the 4 × 4 versions has sunroof and xenon headlights, it is priced approximately $ 130 thousand.

Our country is full of miles of natural beauty, with stretches of closed forest and roads of the most diverse shoots, until we pass through dirt roads that ask for a vehicle with the power to face the greatest adversities. Mitsubishi was quite smart when creating an urban 4 × 4, that is, that worked well in the city even having full wheel drive. The system has 3 different modes: the 2WD, for greater fuel economy; the 4WD, for a more sporty use, but still in urban perimeter or on the road; the 4WD Lock, for low-grip terrain or off-road adventures.

The ASX is Mitsubishi’s urban SUV that also looks at life outside the city. Young in style, it offers safety, comfort, and drivability for you to debut in the challenges of the 4 × 4 world in style. Choosing the ASX is to opt for a flexible, practical and robust SUV to boldly explore its world and overcome the obstacles with the naturalness of who is aboard a Mitsubishi SUV. Face whatever comes in front of you in your day-to-day rallies and fall in love with this compact full of daring.

Technology and comfort Mitsubishi ASX Mitsubishi

with 6.75 “capacitive touch screen, Car Play & Android Auto, voice command, FM radio 18 memories / AM 12 memories, Audio MP3 player, WMA, Video player MP42, RMVB2, Bluetooth® with audio streaming, USB /iPod.Mitsubishi AS Mitsubishi AS The air conditioning system of the ASX is smart and allows to regulate the ideal temperature inside the vehicle, providing adequate air conditioning and comfort to all passengers.

Mitsubishi ASX Mitsubishi ASX Multi-information display in high contrast LCD with 13 functions. These functions are-

Open doors,
Total odometer
Partial A and partial B
Running, fuel
Engine temperature
Average speed
External temperature
Average consumption
Instantaneous consumption
Moment review in time
Km and general warnings
4 × 4Mitsubishi ASX 4x4Mitsubishi ASX 4 × 4
The engine of the new ASX comes with a good balance, bringing together at the same time sufficient energy efficiency to make the model – now 4 × 4 – with a good level of fuel consumption.

The engine is made of aluminum MIVEC DUO VVT 2.0L, with 16V and 170 horsepower and maximum torque of 23 6,000 rpm. The transmission is automatic and has the INVECS-III technology, able to adapt to the driving mode of the driver. In addition, it has Paddle Shifters, allowing a more sporty driving, simulating shifts and giving more pleasure when driving.

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