How Misguiding of Asana can ruin your body?

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Every person wants to live a healthy and fit life and for they prefer the exercise. These days, most people prefer yoga. Yoga is for mental, spiritual, and physical development. At the present scenario, everyone prefers yoga because of its benefits and the magical result. In yoga, there are many asanas but it is important to do in the proper and correct way, otherwise, it will create a problem. It will be always good to do yoga under the guidance of a yoga trainer, in that case, you will achieve the desired result in a short time and you will be much better. Sometimes the misleading of asana can ruin your body, so if you want to start yoga then it is best to join 200 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh performed under professionals.


It is a thunderbolt pose and it is a kneeling asana in hatha yoga. It strengthens the human back and leg, to perform this asana, the knee, hip, thigh and ankle stretch. This asana is performed in a seating position. If you sit upright on your heels in the kneeling position for hours a day, then soon you will experience difficulty in climbing stairs, running and walking.

Bridge – Bandha Sarvangasana

It is a yoga pose or asana which is a great front hip joints openers. It strengthens the spine, improves spinal flexibility, opens the chest and stimulates the thyroid as well as it also helps in the relief from insomnia, stress, anxiety and helps with depression. You can achieve all the above result if you do in the right way. It will be good to do this asana under the guidance of a trained yoga trainer, the trainer will help you to perform the asana in the right way.

misguiding asana


It is an asana that gives you a sense of gardening, it will help you in improving the strength and balance of back and legs. If you are at the initial level, then it will be good to do that asana in the guidance of the trainer because your small mistake can lead you to a major problem. It will lead to your some back problem or you may face problem in walking, running, seating. To avoid such kind of problem, perform the yoga in a proper way.


If you want to tighten your abdominal muscles and strengthen the upper back and shoulders, then it will be the perfect asana for you. In yoga, the breathing system is also very important, and you can learn all these things in the training. It is a boat pose, so you have to lie on your back that means if you didn’t perform it in the right way, then it will become a problem for you.


If you are too much interested in losing the weight, then this asana will be very helpful and effective for you. This asana will help you in reducing the belly fat and weight loss in an effective way. Along with that, it strengths the thighs, ankles, chest, spinal cord and abdominal organs. This yoga poses also improves the functions of the liver, kidney, pancreas, big and small intestine. If you are thinking to do this asana for weight loss, then it is very important to do under the guidance of the yoga trainer because it is essential to do in the right way for the better result.

There are many more asanas that you can do to improve your health, but if you really want to achieve the desired result, then  Join the best yoga teacher training in rishikesh and practice the yoga under the yoga expert.

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