How to Migrate Shared Mailbox to Exchange Online – Latest Guide

Migrate Shared Mailbox to Exchange Online

Migrate Shared Mailbox to Exchange Online – Life Made Easier

Migrate Shared Mailbox to Exchange Online

Businesses using Microsoft Office 365 find it difficult, to migrate a shared mailbox to Exchange Online safely. We get such queries from IT admins, from all over the world looking for genuine & effective solutions.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best and reliable solution for the same. A brief discussion about the manual methods is also covered along with its limitations. Read this complete write-up for a better migration experience.  

Two Things to Keep In Mind Before You Move Shared Mailbox to Office 365

Users trying to operate this task, usually come across many challenges as this task can be complex without proper knowledge. Now we are going to know two of the basic challenges, for which users should prepare in advance.

Proper Planning & Execution

Businesses must prepare a proper plan and then also need to execute it without any gaps. Planning helps to prepare for Difficult scenarios in advance. It creates a structure for the entire project to transfer shared mailbox to user mailbox.

No Direct Solution

Another issue is that Microsoft does not provide any direct tool that users can use to migrate their data. Users have to opt for other ways for a successful data migration project. A recent survey evidently states that 60% of businesses feel the lack of a direct Microsoft’s migration tool.  

What Is The Best & Reliable Solution

Now that we are well aware of the challenges of this task, it’s time to learn the best solution to migrate shared mailbox to Exchange Online. Opting for the modern approach is particularly the best solution one can get.

To perform your operation smoothly, download the Professional Microsoft 365 Mailbox Migration Tool for a pleasant and hassle free data migration experience.

This tool is designed by using advanced algorithms in the presence of IT experts. The main objective behind the creation of this tool is to protect users’ data & provide a simple solution to mankind. 

Download this tool, activate it, and follow the below mentioned in depth guide to complete your task in just 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Launch the tool, Select Office 365 as both the initial & final platform.

Step 2: Select the categories you want to migrate(email, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc)
[Tip- enable the option for migrating permissions of documents as well, apply date filters to selective data transferring]

Step 3: Enter Office 365 credentials of the administrator ID & validate required permissions.

Step 4: For moving data of multiple users, create group mapping. 

Step 5: Click on Start Migration & generate the migration report at the end fr your convenience.

If you follow these 5 steps carefully, you don’t need to do anything else for completing the process. The tool can take care of all other factors by itself.

Advantages of The Modern Solution

The reason we should use the modern method is not only expert’s recommendations but also its plenty of features. Presently, many organizations are choosing the modern approach just because of its immense capabilities.

Here are some of the best features mentioned of the modern utility that emphatically makes it out of the box.

  • Users can migrate multiple mailbox items using this method, i.e, Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, categories & Documents.
  • Enable users to migrate shared mailbox to Exchange Online as well as in-place archive mailboxes.
  • As a matter of fact, It can migrate documents permission too with the actual documents.
  • Users don’t need to arrange migrated data in order as this method maintains the folder hierarchy in the destination mailbox.
  • It has a Date filter utility for several mailbox items to transfer selective data files.
  • This tool offers a Delta Migration facility, which can migrate the latest arrived emails.
  • There is an option of migrating accounts on a priority basis to increase productivity.
  • Ability to move groups as well as group members to their respective destination folders.
  • The tool supports various MS subscription plans such as
    • MS Office 365  Enterprise E1/E3/E5
    • Exchange Online Plan 1 & 2
    • Office 365 Business Premium
    • Office 365 A1/A3/A5/F1
    • Office 365 Business essentials

What’s The Manual Approach to Migrate Shared Mailbox to Exchange Online

To solve this solution, currently, there are no direct tools provided by Microsoft. However, we have some indirect solutions that can be complex but somehow work.

If your data gets corrupted during the process there is no point in performing the task manually.

Manual methods are more complicated than you think. It demands a high level of technicalities. Users, not technically sound in PowerShell scripts, find this method difficult to transfer data manually.

PowerShell Scripts are necessary if you want to move your crucial data through manual methods and if you need a fast solution, there won’t be enough time for you to learn these scripts and then start migrating your emails.

Limitations of Using The Manual Method

There are a number of drawbacks of using the manual method that creates hindrance in this migration operation. Firstly using the manual approach is not at all recommended. Secondly, even if you opt for this method, you must be aware of its risks prior to starting the actual process.

Time Consuming

The first drawback of this manual method is that it consumes a lot of time. In today’s world, businesses want to move shared mailbox to Office 365 in minimal time.

This method can take ages to complete the process, which directly hit a deep impact on the efficiency of an organization.

Data Loss

This factor of manual method is the riskiest, and this is why businesses avoid these traditional approaches. As we know, data is the most crucial asset on any business, it must be protected at any cost.

PST files are highly fragile and can easily get corrupted. Moreover, once corrupted, there are high chances of data loss.

Demands Knowledge of Core Technicalities

Earlier we discussed, that this method is possible by using PowerShell scripts. Explicitly, you need to understand that PowerShell scripts are no joke, naive users can’t operate this method.

The commands of PowerShell require regular practice failing which results in plenty of errors. Hence, this method is lengthy, confusing, and risky.


In this article, we’ve discussed the best & reliable solution to migrate shared mailbox to exchange online platforms. Moreover, we have also discussed about the traditional solutions available. If you want to opt for the traditional method, keep all its risks and limitations in mind.

Finally, we can conclude this write saying, if you want to undergo such a migration project, then you must select the above mentioned tool without any hesitation. 

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