What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?


Business organizations and company owners these days want to make sure that they have a business management system that can oversee all operations and processes while providing improvement insights as well. In short, they are looking for a one-stop solution for proper business growth and management. That is why most companies want to use Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ultimate system for business management and operations. What exactly is that? 

Well, Dynamics 365 BC or Business Central is the brainchild of the Microsoft Dynamics business module that is a new player in the ERP sector. It is currently provided as a software solution in 19 different countries and has been acting as a particular game-changer for the Finances and Operations of the companies. 

There are different reasons why it is called the most reliable software option for businesses. With Dynamics 365 BC, companies will be able to have the functionalities of its predecessor such as Dynamics NAV along with new and interesting options as well. The best part, it is both cloud-based and an on-premise solution for the companies. 

This software is an all-in-one option that can be used for business management in the best way. The customers will be completely able to upgrade from the older versions to the new and amazing version of Business Central in no time. Most companies have already opted for the NAV to Business Central Upgrade and have been finding the systems to be working pretty efficiently and smoothly. Business Central consists of different functionalities such as hybrid options for development, customer relationship improvement, and much more. 

Some Important Features of Microsoft Business Central

One important feature of Dynamics 365 BC is that it is completely based on the cloud and is a proper solution for business management. Hence, companies want to opt for this solution rather than having the entry-level software system that they usually use. 

This amazing ERP solution can bring a lot of interesting functionalities to the business table and streamline all important operations and processes in the company such as customer service, finances, sales, human resources, manufacturing, and much more. Some other additional features of Business Central are mentioned below for proper knowledge. 

Business Without Any Silos:

This software is amazing in connecting different businesses as well as boosting the efficiency using certain automated tasks along with workflows that are familiar completely with the interface of Microsoft Applications that include Outlook, Excel, and Word too. 

Actionable Insights:

It is easier to achieve more as gain some important insights regarding the company using this particular software. That is one of the main reasons why companies want to go for Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation in the first place. There are important options such as connected data, guidance, business analytics that can assist in the creation of technologies that are based on leading intelligence. 

Evolving Solutions:

Change is the only thing that remains constant. With Business Central, you will be able to start a lot sooner and hence be able to grow as well as adapt to the different changes that happen in a pretty flexible platform such as Microsoft. Due to the customization options with the software system, companies will be able to change the software according to the requirements of the business for sure. 

Different Updates Introduced with Business Central 

In the year 2018, different updates were introduced into the system of Microsoft Business Central. These important updates are mentioned below in great detail. 

1. Amazing Desktop Experience 

A very noticeable change in the Business Central software was the amazing experience that was provided to the desktop users. With the brand new and amazing UI, the users were definitely able to fasten up the productivity in no time. There were also some improvements made in the layout as well as the space of the screen to provide an overall great experience for desktop users. 

2. Easy Availability 

A great thing about the software update was that it was available on the cloud, on-premise, as well as on hybrid developments for the users. Hence, people would easily be able to connect with D365 BC using the amazing Windows App, tablet apps, or any other mobile device very easily. 

3. Filtering

Amongst the brand-new updates included in Business Central, the addition of the filtering pane is perhaps the most interesting one. This filtering page is created on the page side and can be used for listing the primary content like different worksheets. With this functionality, users will be able to apply different custom filters in an easy and efficient manner. 

4. Power BI Enhanced 

Due to the enhanced functionality, Business Central is allowing a more effective and seamless connection between the system as well as Power BI. There are some improvements that include Power BI reporting, automatic deployment, and much more. It is also possible to submit the reports without actually exiting Business Central. Also, there are other options for optimizing and customizing the reports. 

Where Can We Find Dynamics 365 Business Central? 

According to Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Business Central was actually released for certain general availability as a solution for SaaS on the 2nd of April 2018. The software system was also released on-premises and on hybrid developments along with the cloud options as well. The Microsoft networks are responsible for the sale of this particular software and it is currently available in 19 different countries. 

What is the Cost of Business Central? 

When it comes to the implementation of Microsoft Business Central, there are 2 different price points associated with the software solution. There is the Essentials package and there is the Premium Package that people can use. These licenses are based on subscriptions and can be purchased very easily since the software is a pretty cost-effective solution. The Essential Package has a cost of £52.79 for every user per month and the Premium package costs £75.40 for every user per month. 

Conclusion :

Business Central, from the Microsoft Dynamics module, will continue to provide services to different companies all over the world that are looking for important solutions for business management. With the addition of new and advanced features into the system, there are high hopes for Microsoft Business Central.