Michael Parker “The Pro Wrestling Enthusiast”

Michael Parker

Michael Parker is a name that any Wrestling fan should be familiar with. Wrestling and the stars of the WWE have captivated his attention since he was a youngster. He’s now established a virtual museum dedicated to professional wrestling for the sake of all pro wrestling enthusiasts.

Visiting the museum is as simple as signing on to the website since the museum operates entirely online. Online access to the museum is available at all times. It includes a large collection of wrestling memorabilia, including photographs, signed images, and ring-worn costumes. Pictures of these products are popular on social media.

How it all started for Parker, and how it went?

When he saw the first WrestleMania in 1985, Parker stated he became a major fan of WWE (previously the WWF). As a result of his addiction, he was unable to stop.

“An actual wrestling museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, named Pro Wrestling World, inspired me to create an online wrestling museum. Among its exhibits were a number of unusual and uncommon artifacts. Because I’m a wrestling fan, I was enthralled. That museum was one I frequented quite a bit simply because I like what it had to offer,” Parker said.

The museum was forced to close in 2018 due to the decision of the shop’s owner. Fans were still able to request things from the store by filling out a form from the owner.

It was inspired by this that Parker came up with the idea for his own Pro Wrestling Mini Museum.

“It’s the museum as I see it. Even though I began it with very little money, it’s slowly grown into something I’m proud of. I am pleased that my efforts have been recognized by my admirers. A surge in visitors occurred after I made it accessible on my website,” Parker said.

Iconic and historical collection of pro wrestling memorabilia

One of Parker’s most precious things is Carmella’s ring-worn costume from the first 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble. Despite the fact that Parker hopes with one day own an authentic Ric Flair robe, he is delighted to have feathers from two Flair robes, including the one he wore at Starrcade ’83. The Pro Wrestling Mini Museum observed a rise in web traffic during the whole COVID-19 outbreak.

Instead of visiting Axxess or a museum in person, many WWE fans prefer to see the museum’s collection of WWE memorabilia online. It’s for all the wrestlers out there who love the sport. Everything from images to clothes to autographed souvenirs of the celebs is available for viewing here.

As a kid, Mike Parker, the museum’s creator, began collecting pro wrestling magazines and signed photographs. Additionally, Mike Parker was influenced by the Adventure Land store in New Jersey.

Fall in love with Mike Parker’s online museum 

Wrestling enthusiasts all around the world are flocking to Mike Parker’s online museum. As a wrestling fan, he often posts fascinating news from the sport’s social media accounts. To keep up to date with the museum’s activities, follow it on Instagram (pwmuseum) and Twitter (pwmuseum1).

Also, there is something for everyone in the museum. Dedicated sections are available for those who are fans of the Four Horsemen. Similarly, if you’re a WWF fan from the 1980s, you’ll find a lot of cool stuff on the site.

World Class Championship Wrestling is also featured on the museum’s website. For fans of women’s wrestling, the website provides a wealth of information, including photographs autographed by the athletes, trade cards, and photographs of them in their ring gear. Whatever period of wrestling interests you, you’ll fall in love all over again once you go online.