Easy Methods to fix Avast Antivirus Firewall

avast unable to start the firewall
avast unable to start the firewall

4 Easy Methods to fix Avast Antivirus Firewall on Windows


When you want to enjoy the benefits of Avast antivirus, you need to know how to fix the Avast antivirus unable to start the firewall on Windows 10 problem. This problem can occur if the firewall is not able to begin, but it is possible to resolve it. This blog post will show you how to resolve the problem of Avast Antivirus. If your computer is experiencing this issue, you should try these troubleshooting methods. 

Avast Firewall is the heart of the Antivirus because it is one of those main API which helps user’s laptop to protect their PC from dangerous malwares and antivirus. Here in this article, we will discuss about how you can fix this issue with some easy troubleshooting methods.

First Method

First, try repairing your firewall. Often, this error is caused by a conflicting program. If you have any of the above issues, you can try restarting your computer to force the firewall to start. Another cause of Avast not being able to start is a problem with the application rules that prevent it from starting. You may have to disable your Avast program by enabling its Shields control. 

If Avast cannot start the firewall, you need to check for other possible causes of this error. In some cases, the program may conflict with another program, which can prevent it from working properly. In this case, you may need to restart the computer to trigger the firewall. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing Avast Firewall issue on Windows, you can try repairing the program through Windows. 

Second Method

If the issue still persists, you can attempt to repair your Avast client software. To do this, open the Control Panel and go to the Large Icons tab. Select Avast from the list. If the error persists, you may need to restart the system and try the procedure again. However, if all else fails, you should try repairing your Avast antivirus firewall. 

If Avast is unable to start the firewall due to conflicts, you may be able to repair it manually. Generally, the solution to this problem is to restart the computer and perform a new firewall configuration. During this process, the antivirus will check all documents on your PC and detect any potential threats. If this doesn’t work, you can try some alternative ways to fix the problem. 

Third Method

If you’re experiencing avast antivirus not turning on the firewall, you can repair the client software. Locate the “Avast antivirus” icon in the taskbar and select the uninstall/change option. Then, reboot your computer to allow it to fix the problem. If the error continues, you can also attempt to restart your computer. You’ll need to do this if your firewall is preventing you from installing or running Avast on your PC. 

Fourth Method

If you’re still experiencing Avast unable to start the firewall error, you need to restart your computer and reinstall your antivirus program. The process might take several hours but it will fix the problem. In the meantime, try running a full scan on your PC to remove any malicious files or software that may be causing the error. This will allow the firewall to start without any problems. It may take some time to complete a full scan, but it will eventually fix your problem. 

Cause of Avast Firewall issue in Windows 

Another common problem with avast antivirus is that it cannot start the firewall. There are two main reasons why this issue occurs. The first reason is that Avast is conflicting with another program. The second reason is that Avast’s application may have a conflict with the firewall. Then, it is necessary to restart your computer. If the firewall is still unable to start, you should restart your system.

Avast antivirus firewall errors may appear if your computer is running in safe mode. Then, the firewall will not run. You should try to restart the computer. If you’re unable to start Avast antivirus, restart the machine. The error could be caused by malware or spyware. If you have a firewall installed, it will prevent malicious software from infecting your system. If your firewall is not functioning, you should reboot your computer. 


We hope that your Avast firewall issue will get solve by following the above mentioned steps and methods. You can also share this blog who are not avast users and wanted to download avast antivirus, also with your friends and family who are Avast users and might be facing this issue.

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