MEP Prefabrication & Modularization And Its Benefits

mep prefabrication

As the Modular and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing sector (MEP) acknowledge the remarkable cost savings of incorporating prefabrication & modularization methods into business constructions, at the center, these techniques are making it easy for teams to collaborate, manage and track using lean production and assembling top-notch practices. Besides this, innovative and powerful MEP tech plays an indispensable role in helping construction companies to attain their prefabrication objectives.

mep prefabrication

When you adopt prefab and modular techniques, it means you’re ready to outshine your competitors. But what are the benefits of MEP prefabrication & modularization?

Let’s see!

Enhancing Safety

Worksites have been perforated with chaotic activity in some cases, and ensuring safety for each worker is a serious concern. There are currently several cases related to construction accidents, all of which make these worksites high-risk areas.

A well-operated fabrication shop provides a controlled surrounding for the construction sector and offers much safer surroundings. For the MEP and HVAC construction sector experts at the fabrication shops and worksites, there is a vast range of safety benefits, such as:

  • Reduces fatigue accidents
  • Minimizes fall-related dangers and other risks caused by inclement weather
  • Minimizes the joints created on the worksites
  • Mitigates the danger experienced when working on the worksite’s lift
  • Minimizes bending over because a significant percentage of work is carried out from the fabrication shop’s benches

Enhanced Schedule Certainty & Reliability

Having the MEP design of a building ready, construction owners and MEP building contractors will experience enhanced schedule certainty & reliability if they implement MEP prefabrication and modularization. As a result, MEP prefabrication and modularization play a decisive role in reducing substantial costs linked with schedule slippages.

Advanced tasks completed in a controlled surrounding using lean production best practices eliminate several time-draining problems of running out of materials from time to time. Risks, such as RFI responses, labor schedules, and supply chain issues, are simplified to avoid any delay.

The available experienced and professional tradespeople are falling as veterans reach retirement age and are not succeeded in equal numbers. The building companies are challenged to look for highly-trained and well-experienced trades individuals on short notices. With MEP prefabrication and modularization, fixing schedules are planned well in advance, avoiding all delays.

Cost Predictability

Cost predictability is another top-notch benefit of MEP prefabrication and modularization. Research shows that MEP prefabrication and modularization help a lot to control costs. Besides this, MEP prefabrication and modularization reduce costly job site rework where changes create delays from time to time.

Besides reducing errors, offsite/virtual construction also helps to predict costs. MEP prefabrication and modularization help to control costs like prefabricating racks to support any plumbing & mechanical task. When there is a need for design clarification, the task is handled up front and not at the workplace, where changes often result in costly delays.

Reduced Waste

A large business construction worksite produces huge amounts of waste. Also, note that a higher percentage of building debris is mainly dragged to a landfill. However, you’re likely to reduce the waste to below 5% if you implement your MEP design by using MEP prefabrication and modularization. Achieving this figure is possible because the automated device responsible for cut optimization minimizes the scrap amount, and it’s more accurate in terms of the correct measurements.

Besides the environmental benefits, job site waste reduction also pays in many places, including safety and cost savings.

Increased Communication

Recent MEP design and MEP prefabrication and modularization have brought about today’s technology connecting the BIM-to-FAB-to-Construction staff into a single workflow. This present-day tech revolutionizes how the disparate members in job site construction, fabrication, and design collaborate to enhance profitability, safety matters, productivity, and minimize construction costs.

Generally, implementing MEP prefabrication and modularization will help in terms of cost, productivity, time, operative safety, function, and quality.

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