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Stylish people always remain up to date with the latest trends. They put on such attires and accessories that flatter their physical appearance and refine their personality. These people have such a bold sense of fashion and carry everything confidently. The fashionable personalities always influence the common man and catch the attention of everybody. You can also be the one by following the top models or Hollywood celebrities. The fashion industry is not limited to the Military T-shirts collection or cropped trousers, it’s an umbrella term that includes a lot of things. 

Whether you want to impress your girlfriend or want to be the trendsetter among your friends or colleagues or update your wardrobe, you must check out the following top 8 men’s fashion trends 2020.

Cross-Body Bags -:

Wearing cross-body bags is one of the hottest men’s trends in 2020. The idea to discover these fashionable bags has emerged from streetwear. They look super stylish and let you carry your belongings safely. They are available in both sporty and formal style, hence you can carry them to the office as well as for vacations. Generally, the cross-chest bag comes with a 50- inch long strap, which allows you to wear it securely over your head. 

Military Print -:

The comeback of military print has been seen in 2020. Whether it’s about jackets, trousers, or t-shirts the military print looks classic and glorifies your personality. You can browse the internet to see military t-shirt collections, that will make you look stronger and powerful. These prints are also known as camo prints and come in various colors. 

Cuban Collar Shirts -:

Cuban collar shirts which are also known as open collar shirts are one of this season’s must-own pieces. These typically come with short sleeves and provide you a casual-smart look. They are available in both printed and plain fabric, you can choose any according to your preference. These shirts look cooler in bright colors like yellow, red, green.

A Cool Necklace -:

Wearing a cool necklace with a casual shirt or t-shirt can make you look more attractive. Always try to choose a metal necklace with some meaning and subtlety, it seems sexy and signals that you are a man of a taste. But ensure the length of the chain or necklace before purchase, its minimum length should be 20 inches.

Rugby Shirts -:

Rugby shirts are evergreen and are still in fashion. It’s a long sleeve shirt with blocky stripes and standing collars. This shirt is a unique blend of retro Ivy league sensibilities and sportswear. The bold contrasting shades of blocky strips make you look cool as well as classy and catch the attention of the audience.

Leather Look Sneakers -:

Ankle length classic leather sneakers can up your style game when worn with formal suits. These footwears sharpen the men’s look and are available in various colors and designs. In addition to grooming your personality, these shoes are comfortable enough to wear for long hours. 

Graphic Baseball Caps -:

Generally, these caps are sewn in six sections and topped with a squatchee on the crown ( a button). It gives you a sporty look and best for casual wear.

Flares -:

Narrow bottom pants are long gone. In 2020 flared trousers have arrived with a modern touch, these bell bottom pants are sure to make an impact on the people and look very trendy. The wide layered pants are great for short-legged people, as they add length to their legs.

Bottom Lines -:

The first thing to do to look fabulous is to make sure to buy outfits that you feel are good for your body. You can consider the above attires and accessories to upgrade your style this year.

By Anurag Rathod

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