Jewelry for Men: How to Choose the Perfect Bracelets for Each Style

jewelry for men

Male Accessories: how to wear them? Jewelry for men is a fundamental detail, which can totally revolutionize the effect of an outfit. Every outfit and every occasion has its own jewel : they are not all the same! During the most elegant events, important jewels and precious materials such as yellow gold are ideal, even if the most colorful are not always the right ones. When we want to be impeccable every day, what are the jewels to combine with the most casual outfits?

If these doubts are part of your daily life, this is the best place: we prepare for you a mini-guide to sturgis biker jewelry for men, to discover how to wear them on every occasion and how to combine them with all your looks.

Weddings and ceremonies, chic nights and gallant dinners, require truly elegant outfits studied to the last detail. It is on these occasions that the accessory can really make a difference. Of course, the jewelry to match the suit should be chosen with taste.

If we talk about ceremonies or other important events , the masculine look almost certainly provides a complete elegant: what are the perfect jewels for a suit with a classic and important cut? To always be stylish, the fundamental rule is not to overdo it.

Laying or joining many jewels together does not value the individual object, rather it creates confusion between all the elements. The options are then a single important jewel, such as a watch with a steel strap , or the combination of different smaller accessories, such as thin bracelets decorated with few shiny details.

In recent years the unwritten rules about appropriate workplace clothing have become increasingly loose: the look for the office has to be smart , yes, but not overly formal. Thus was born that style called smart casual , where classic elements such as the jacket or the shirt, are mixed and merged perfectly with typically urban garments: sports, jeans, joggers, t-shirts and polo shirts.

All with a perfect balance that gives the modern man a classy look, but less formal and more comfortable. In this case, accessories are essential and help to complete an outfit with a pinch of character.

Steel is the perfect material for jewelry dedicated to everyday outfits: a bracelet with pieces decorated with geometric details, For example, is perfect for a minimalist smart casual look.

Then, the men’s accessory par excellence, the watch, can be chosen more fun and colored, perhaps with a fabric strap .

Our suggestion for a truly personal look is to choose a watch with colors in contrast to those of your fit, or that they remember the nuances of some detail of your look, such as the red stitching of your shirt or the blue scarf in the top pocket.

Outside of the more formal occasions or work situations, the look becomes a real way of expressing one’s personality : this is why accessories play a really fundamental role. The rules are not that rigid and, instead, combining different accessories chosen with care can create a look of great effect.

the steel It is the perfect material for wearable jewelery on all occasions of everyday life: classic or burnished, this metal is resistant and versatile, and allows the creation of a series of accessories with new shapes.

Some example? The Trendsetter bracelet in steel with an elegant black or gray finish, decorated by a plate with the drawing of two engraved strings.

For those who prefer a more rocker style, the men’s steel bracelets offer different ideas to enrich the outfit: starting with the Mixit bracelet with a chain on the burnished Steelikons bracelet , which recalls the pyramidal shape of the studs.

Alternatively, you can choose one bracelet that really tells something about yourself like the customizable Composable bracelet . Very fashionable among men’s jewelery are colored stones, which add a particular touch to your everyday outfit. Choose the native stone that corresponds to your zodiac sign, if you want a fun accessory that represents your personality.

And with respect to the necklaces? They are the perfect accessory to combine with a T-shirt, for a casual look, but cured in all the details. To enrich your outfit with a unique jewel, you can choose one of the customizable steel necklaces with an engraving . Class necklaces offer pendants with geometric shapes, such as rectangular or hexagonal ones : on the front they present details in black enamel and shiny stones, on the back you can engrave your message instead. For a really original look.

Did you understand all the rules to match jewelry with your outfits and do you want to test yourself with other accessories? Here you will find the entire selection of Nomination jewelry dedicated to men!

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