Medium Style Haircuts with Bangs For long and curly hairs

medium length hairstyles

Medium style haircuts with bangs are very popular among women. Moreover, the impression of a very beautiful and elegant look when you add bangs to your hair. Adding a little fringe on your hair will make you look younger and fresher look. It is clear enough that the pony has a huge appeal to support your appearance.

Over time, a woman is interested to wear bangs hairstyle. Due to its popularity and demand, bangs are appearing in very various style appearances. The following various types of bangs deserve to be a reference for those of you who want to appear in medium haircut style with bangs.

1. Blunt Bang

Blunt Bang is a kind of thick and straight bangs. This type of bangs is suitable for you with the face wide forehead or face taper because Blunt Bang cover the top of the face perfectly.

2. Rolled – up Bang

It is suitable for those of you who have a thin or heart-shaped face. Rolled – up Bang extends past your eyebrows and bubbly at the edges so it is suitable to use if you have thin hair.

3. Chopped Bang

Bangs are suitable for your short hair. Messy impression and a casual look of bangs this kind so it is perfect for those of you who like to look sporty and dynamic.

4. Side – Swept Bang

Your appearance will look more stylish with a side – swept bang. This type of bang is not too full and thick but is longer to one side. If your hair is wavy, bangs this type is perfect for you.

5. Curtain Bang

Properly used in a wide range of varied facial structures. This shaped like a curtain bangs is simple impressed but still interesting for anyone who wears it.

The things to consider when choosing a bang is you should adjust to the shape of your face and your hair type. With the right adjustments, you will look more attractive with bangs. Various types of bangs can be used as a reference for those of you who use the style of the medium haircuts with bangs.

6. Flexible and Adaptive

Choppy hairstyles layer is very flexible and easy to set up. You do not need to linger in your hair set. In addition, choppy hairstyles layer also adaptive, can adjust the times. So you do not have to worry about outdated when you decide to apply this hairstyle.

7. Deep Impression

Feminine deep impression radiates from this hairstyle. It is suitable for those of you with a gentle personality. Moreover, if you have an oval face with thick hair, it is suitable to choose this hairstyle as your hairstyle.

8.  Easy to Apply

Almost all women with any face shape and hair type suited to wear choppy hairstyle because it is easily applied layer. So you should not hesitate to choose this hairstyle.

There are several things to keep in mind in choosing a hairstyle. Choosing a hairstyle should suit your personality traits, facial structure, and of course your hair type. Do not let the hairstyle you choose was not fit or do not fit with your character’s personality as well as your facial structure. But do not worry, for those of you who want to look beautiful and feminine yet simple, medium choppy layered haircut is highly recommended as an option you should try.

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