Guide to owning the right medical gloves for dental office

utility gloves for dental office

Prior to the emergence of major infectious diseases, gloves were essentially worn by health care workers caring for patients infected with certain pathogens or those at risk of being exposed to such patients. However, modern guidelines mandate that gloves should be worn during all patient-care activities. In this post, we will get into the different aspects of medical gloves and how to choose the right kind of utility gloves for dental office. So, let’s get cracking!

Choosing the right glove for the right purpose

We live in desperate times and the use of gloves has now become a fundamental part of the healthcare industry. The use of gloves certainly reduces the chances of transmission of micro-organisms between patients and healthcare workers. Still, here’s a brief overview to help you better understand the need of it all:

  • Gloves are a great way of protection from contamination with blood and secretions, and the underlying risk of contamination with pathogens capable of reproduction in favorable conditions.
  • It prevents the release of pathogens from the hand into the sterile work area, particularly during aseptic duties at the dental office.
  • It acts as a robust pathogen barrier, more so when you are dealing with biological agents.

That said, not all gloves are suited for all purposes and the following needs to be considered.

  • Gloves should be worn where there is even the smallest chance of infection.
  • Powdered gloves should be avoided in the healthcare industry as protein allergens in Natural Rubber Latex gloves bind to the cornstarch powder and run the chances of becoming airborne.
  • Personal protection equipment must fit correctly and is not suitable if it doesn’t. This is applicable for utility gloves for dental office as well.
  • As the name implies, single-use medical gloves should be discarded after every episode of patient care.
  • Do not wash or rub alcohol-based gels on gloves in hopes of prolonging its usage.

How to choose the best utility gloves for dental office?

Having the right kind of medical gloves for patient care is an absolute must for hospitals, labs, clinics, or mobile health units. Thus knowing what kind of gloves to use can be of big help.

  • Characteristics of gloves: Single-use disposable gloves are usually categorized as either exam gloves or surgical gloves. While the former is quite popular among healthcare workers and caregivers as it protects them from contamination when in contact with patients, the latter type is used by surgeons and nurses. The surgical gloves are a better choice when you’re looking for precision work.
  • Materials used: The normal exam gloves are made from latex, vinyl, and nitrile. However, these gloves come in different forms – some have powder, while others do not, and some are longer and thicker than the others.
  • Powdered and powder-free gloves: Those in the medical profession use both these kinds. However, it’s the powdered kind that has found most acceptance in the industry, particularly because they are easier to wear and take off. However, the powder in the gloves can be problematic if it finds its way into open cuts and wounds on the skin. This is why some healthcare workers have started opting for powder-free gloves that come with an inner coating.

Our recommendation

The decision of whether to buy latex, vinyl, or nitrile utility gloves largely comes down to the type of job and the kind of protection you need. Each material has its own pros and cons, and thus we recommend getting some of each type from reputable sellers. Your Glove Source has been in business since the 1980s and is the perfect place for laying hands on different types of medical or utility gloves. They have a wide selection of disposable gloves perfect for all needs.

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