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Customer feedback is as important as any other aspect of any business today. When wanting to get feedback, what is better than asking the customers. Customer feedback provides valuable insight that plays a vital role in decision-making and marketing. There are too many Customer Satisfaction Survey Apps and Customer feedback systems to choose from. Most of the time customers are reluctant to fill a survey form. They don’t want to fill long surveys and forms. Therefore, it is important to use the methods that resonate with your customers. The key here is to use ways that prove to be effective.

It is a known fact that most customers make emotional decisions when doing business rather than rational decisions. Therefore it is imperative to understand how they think and what is it that they desire the most.

What is a Smiley Survey?

As the name indicates, it’s a simple smiley-faced survey. It is used to understand how your customers and employees feel. Smiley face questions are a visible means of sharing feedback, opinion, and knowledge. they will be wont to measure the satisfaction level and therefore the extent of likingness.

Smiley faces communicate emotions and is usually utilized in customer and employee feedback surveys. they’re easy to use and quick to answer, they are a huge hit among both survey creators and respondents.

Smiley rating question has textual question and smiley face answers as options. The emoji survey question features a 5-point smiley face scale, representing sentiments from negative to positive.

How to use Smiley Surveys?

It is a survey that uses smileys, smiley faces, or emojis for feedback collection. It helps you collect feedback from customers, subscribers, and website visitors. rather than sending a Likert scale questionnaire or MCQs, you employ smiley faces with the questions and respondents can select the foremost relevant emoji.

Everything else remains an equivalent except the smileys that make your survey user-friendly. the fashionable smileys are in use since the 1960s. We’re wont to seeing them everywhere starting from social networking sites to text messages to emails. Customers, generally, love interacting with smileys and this makes a smiley survey one among the simplest methods to gather feedback.

Why Use Smiley face Surveys?

Several reasons make smiley face surveys better than their counterparts. So why exactly you ought to use smiley face surveys for collecting data from your customers? What’s so special about them?

Visual Appeal

A study found that respondents spend less time reading the questions when there are smiley faces within the question. Rather they spend longer watching (and interacting) with the smiley faces. Why?

Because the human brain is an expert at visuals. the maximum amount as 60% of our brain is involved in visual processing and 90% of the knowledge sent to the brain is visual.

This shows why using smiley face surveys will assist you better connect with the respondents. How likely you’re to participate during this following survey:

The smiley faces instantly grab user attention. the main target instantly shifts to the emojis and it doesn’t seem painful to pick a relevant emoji that supported by how you are feeling. this is often what makes a smiley face survey an ideal technique to approach your customers visually.

Emotional Analysis

Emojis and smiley faces allow you to measure customer feelings and emotions. it’s easier to represent a sense within the sort of an emoji. as an example, if you’re angry, you’ll select an angry emoji to point out your anger.

If you’re measuring customer feelings or emotions, a smiley face survey will help roll in the hay. Businesses are mostly concerned about customer feelings and emotions. they’re curious about finding what makes their customers happy. once you have an interest in measuring customer emotions, a smiley survey will perform much better than other sorts of surveys (e.g. Likert).

Easy to Use

One of the simplest things about smiley faces is that they’re user-friendly. Your customers love using emojis. Over 5 billion emojis are sent per day on Facebook Messenger. consider all the opposite messaging apps, social networking websites, and around 7 billion worldwide mobile users. Emojis are everywhere and this makes a smiley face survey extremely user-friendly and something they’re wont to seeing and interacting with on a day-to-day.

High Response Rate

Yes, you ought to expect a high response rate with a smiley face survey. A respondent is more likely to pick an emoji as compared to a radio button. Emojis are more reflective of the respondent’s emotions and that they feel as if they’re being heard.


Smiley face surveys are easy-to-use and highly effective. being the best service provider when it comes to smiley surveys. The audience feels connected to the survey and the response rate is always high. It allows you to engage customers and employees and understand what they want and feel. You can use this data to improve your business and address areas that need to be improved, that were somewhat overlooked in the past. All-in-all Smiley surveys are the perfect and easiest way to get feedback from the customers.

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