What Is Copium? The Meaning Behind Twitch’s New Favorite Chat Term


Many Twitch viewers are familiar with the chat terms Kappa and OpieOP, and now there’s a new word on the rise: Copium. The meaning behind this new favorite Twitch chat term? So, what is Copium? Well, that’s not so clear-cut.

An Introduction to Copium

What is Copium, exactly? It all started as a joke, but not everyone has a good sense of humor when it comes to online jargon. In fact, since being first introduced in late 2015, copium has taken on many meanings and most people who follow Twitch are probably wondering what it actually means. So Copium meaning on Twitch chat and what does it mean when you see that word pop up next to your favorite streamer’s name? To get an inside look at Copium and how it applies to Twitch, read on!

Why is it So Popular?

When it comes to acronyms and chat communities, most tend to be divided into a few categories. There are long-standing and well-known acronyms and abbreviations that are universally understood, like BTW (by the way) or BRB (be right back). Then there are newer ones that pick up popularity with certain communities, like AFK (away from keyboard), which originated in video games but has since permeated other online arenas. And then there’s a third category: totally made-up words, often nonsensical combinations of letters intended to be humorous or deliberately misleading.

A Conversation with Copia_Vinylify

Twitch.tv is a live streaming website that allows users to stream themselves while they play video games and interact with other gamers. If you’ve ever watched a gameplay stream on Twitch, then you have probably seen one of Copia_Vinylify’s broadcasts or maybe even chatted with him in his chat room, where he is well known for always responding quickly to user questions and comments. Here, we sat down with him to talk about Copium, what it means in his life, and how it has impacted other facets of his life as well. Copia_Vinylify: Copium means an important event in your life that makes you feel like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. User Question: What does Copium in twitch chat mean to you?

Where Did Copium Come From?

What is Copium? A quick Google search shows that copium is a fictitious metal, like mithril or adamantine. But what does Copium mean in the context of Twitch chat? According to Gamasutra, it’s probably a typo. Specifically, it’s likely a typo of copper, which is part of Riot Games’ League of Legends game. Before you go thinking that copium means something completely different on twitch chat, remember that people use twitch chat for everything from saying random words to discussing gaming and memes.

Common Terms Used in the Twitch Community

Like most communities, Twitch has a few in-jokes and terms that only make sense if you’re involved. After all, who would really get salty or sour grape while they’re playing a game online? Those phrases are known as Copium and they’re usually used by viewers in Twitch chat to convey their emotions to their favorite streamers. Not every twitch emote requires Copium, but those that do are worth getting to know since you’ll probably see them popping up fairly often. Click Here for further updates!