MBBS from Abroad: Is it a Good Option for Indian Students?

mbbs from abroad for indian students

Medicine happens to be one of the most popular careers in the country, and MBBS is the degree from which the journey starts. As an Indian student aiming to study MBBS, you might be evaluating the pros and cons of studying MBBS in USA after 12th vs studying MBBS in India. When faced with these two choices, it is always better to go with the former. Here are some reasons why MBBS from abroad is a good option for Indian students. 

Reduced dependence on the NEET ranks 

Since 2018, the highly competitive NEET entrance examination has been compulsory for all students internationally applying to MBBS courses. However, the competition is still a lot less than the Indian institutes. At least three times as many students apply for the course in the country as the number of seats available.  

mbbs from abroad for indian students

Naturally, it’s a cutthroat competition that takes place purely based on ranks. In comparison, MBBS in USA after 12th for Indian students has minor requirements for NEET ranking. 

Less expensive compared to the private Indian colleges 

There is no denying that the government medical colleges in the country are affordable. But the private medical institutes are expensive. It costs at least INR 45 – 50 Lakh to get a private MBBS degree. Now, MBBS in USA after 12th for Indian students will cost around INR 70 Lakh. 

However, there are several hidden costs involved in pursuing a degree at a private medical college. You can eliminate those added costs by studying MBBS in USA after 12th, where you only need to pay upfront costs. 

MBBS in USA after 12th for Indian students for high-quality education 

Colleges that recognise the MCI and meet the local standards of education rules and regulations usually offer high-quality education to the students. However, compared to domestic colleges, the medical institutes abroad need to face a wide range of censures to uphold the quality standards.  

But you have to be careful about verifying the ranks and reviews of the institutes you are thinking of applying to. After all, one should do MBBS in USA after the 12th from a well-reputed institute. 

International Exposure through MBBS in USA after 12th for Indian students 

Studying abroad is in itself a learning experience, irrespective of the course you choose. You get to adapt to a new environment and learn about an entirely new culture.  

Particularly for the MBBS courses, studying abroad lets you know about a wider variety of medical conditions, along with state-of-the-art apparatus, advanced technology, and amenities. In addition, you will get to learn a lot from the teachers and from interacting with students coming from different nationalities. 

The bottom line 

Hopefully, this article has been able to get you out of the dilemma of studying abroad or staying in India. So, go ahead and start looking for the right colleges in the USA and begin the necessary procedures. 

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