Is MBBS Abroad Beneficial for the Students in 2022?

mbbs abroad

About MBBS Abroad

Having MBBS Abroad is one of the greatest dreams for medical aspirants. Students are quite confused about their education decisions regarding the country and universities. As MBBS Abroad is quite beneficial for the students in many aspects. The benefits include educational quality, experienced faculty, well-known, modern methodology and recognition makes it a profitable country for MBBS. Some of the best countries for MBBS Abroad are Russia and Georgia. Both the countries are major hubs for medical aspirants, students from all over the World gather here to form a better education system.

Another benefit for the students is the presence of a cross-culture and diverse environment. Applicants from all over the globe with different religions gather here to study they can also share their cultural experiences of their own. The sharing of cultural experiences can help the students to gain more knowledge for the students. The myth of investing a huge amount of tuition fee for studying MBBS is also proven to be wrong. Tuition fee for them is quite affordable as well as low living expenses. Universities along with the government also provide scholarships to students who are quite eager to learn and get knowledge for their course.

About Russia

Russia is one of the best countries to have MBBS as its main teaching language. The MBBS is quite well recognized and they have been appreciated all over the World. It is the largest country to have an area of 17.1 million square kilometers. The government is also focusing on the educational quality with the modern teaching methods which include practical learning rather than theoretical learning. The government is also investing more in education and medical betterment for the country. As Russia has several hospitals which are world famous and hence the number of patients always rose. In the past 2 decades, the government of Russia has increased education and medical investment by 3 times. The student-to-teacher ratio in Russia is 15:1. There are nearly 10,000 medical admissions every year for the students. MBBS fees in Russia are also affordable for the students.

About Georgia

Georgia is one of the greatest hubs for the students for MBBS Abroad. As having great recognition among the students it is available for the students on another level. Education is also known to the students to a great extent. The MBBS in foreign is quite known for its low-cost education, but MBBS in Georgia is much more beneficial for the students in the aspect of fees and living expenses. The average student-to-teacher ratio is 21:1. Low the student ratio is more helpful for the students. A low student-to-teacher ratio means that there will be better knowledge-grabbing opportunities for the students. There are nearly 5,000 medical aspirant’s admissions every year to gather and form a great education opportunity.

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Benefits of MBBS

Quality Education 

As the education system will be concerned about the methodology and education, it is well known by the students. Due to the great concerned education system, the students need to gather more practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. The practical knowledge can be grabbed by using laboratories, clinical methods and internships for the students.


The language of the course is mostly preferred as English keeping the international students in mind. Having international students in mind is beneficial for international students. Even the local languages of Georgia and Russia are Georgian language and Russian language.


The recognition of the universities from Russia and Georgia is done by major organizations around the World. Some of the major organizations include WHO (World Health Organization), FAIMER (Foundation of Advancement for International Medical and Educational Research) and NMC (National Medical Commission).


The duration of the MBBS course is nearly 5 years and also has 1 year of internship for the students. The internship is also recognized in India. The 5-year course includes 10 semesters. The 1-year internship polishes the practical skills of the students.

Documents required for MBBS 

As there are some specific documents required for MBBS admission in Georgia and Russia. These documents are needed by the college or university council as proof. Some of the documents required are

  • NEET Scorecard
  • 10th Transcripts
  • 12th Transcripts
  • Medical Report for the students
  • Financial Report for the students
  • 2 passport sized photograph
  • Original passport photocopy

Some MBBS universities in Russia

Some of the universities for MBBS in Russia are Chuvash State Medical University, Altai State Medical University, Bashkir State Medical University and many others.

Some MBBS universities in Georgia

Some of the universities to approach for MBBS admission in Georgia are Alte University, Georgian American University, Ilia State University and BAU International University.