3 Materials that every Colombian Architect should know

Colombian Architect

Colombia offers a great diversity of materials for architecture and is the cradle of great architects in Latin America.

The architect seeks to improve the quality of office space, shopping centers and hotels. Even the logistic design, is basically the hidden objective and that for some does not go unnoticed.

One of the characteristics of the architects is their ability to inquire to know which materials to use and which are the most innovative. In addition to the benefits they bring to your projects.

The new architecture feeds on the internet with information, images, designs and technical data sheets of the materials. It is a way to speed up the search for specialized materials.

We must recognize that there is a wide variety of materials; phenolic, metallic, ceramic, concrete and wood. However, architecture cannot be summed up in a couple of trends. Therefore we present the three materials that you should consider in your next project.

Thermory: the alternative to high maintenance of natural wood

The texture and naturalness of the wood stand out as an ideal architectural material for projects. However, wood has variations in its useful life and high maintenance that limit it in terms of employability technical issues. Thermory becomes an alternative to the limitations of untreated natural wood.

The main advantage of this material is its heat-treatment process. It begins when the wood is introduced into an oven to apply heat greater than 180 degrees; in an environment without oxygen.

This changes the characteristics of cell walls physically. Providing a more stable wood and with a longer shelf life without deformations. With the passage of time, Thermory’s dark brown color transforms into a platinum gray color; As with any other natural element. A side effect of its heat treatment, which gives the facade a much more interesting sense of naturalness.

Thermory wood offers a service life of more than 25 years. Thermory can be implemented in systems of facades, decks, wood lattices and soffits.

Aluskin: metal skins for efficient architectural coatings

Formed by a range of skins, sunshades and low thickness metal panels. Aluskin  is the brand that has shaped different commercial projects in Latin America. Its use can be in metallic or perforated façade, and as a suspended ceiling. Providing the possibility of choosing any color according to the RAL palette, offering matt and metallic tones.

At the end of the installation process, the resulting envelope will not be a strong structural load; and will remain in perfect condition for the life of the building. Mentioning this feature as its main advantage.

Its fastening system is manufactured according to the color of the metallic skin, being completely hidden. Allowing greater uniformity.

Aluskin offers different geometric shapes: wavy, linear, square and cylindrical that meet important technical factors of functionality and durability, thanks to its unique design, we can achieve lightweight and durable enclosures; allowing to create projects with very low maintenance during the useful life of the building.

Frontek: the most compact extruded ceramic plate on the market

The best presentation of a porcelain stoneware is Frontek , for its natural stone finish with several options of shades and color stability, making it a highly demanding material and widely recommended for ceramic ventilated facade projects.

Its weight of 25.24kg / m² and its thickness 19mm with a high mechanical resistance, give it a better performance, before materials such as terracotta and other Slim ceramics. Frontek, is designed to be anchored on a metal structure and ensure a quick and easy installation of the system.

By using Frontek you can avoid constant maintenance, compared to the use of other types of cladding materials for ventilated facades. When designing with Frontek façade ceramic plates, modulation must be taken into account to optimize the material to the maximum by making adjustments to the corners, door frames and windows.

Do you know about recent trends? Versatility of Acrylic Solid Surface and Benefits of Using This Material

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material and has outstanding stiffness, strength, and optical clarity. And the Acrylic sheet is sheets made from acrylic that can easily fabricate and stick well with solvent or adhesive. Its multiple application and weathering properties make it a well-demanded product.

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