A fundamental part of matcha (usucha style) is the layer of froth on top. This is customarily accomplished with the matcha whisk, or chasen. Recently, a cutting edge approach is additionally making strides: the utilization of the electric milk frother. 

Utilizing the matcha whisk 

I generally utilize the chasen for matcha, it’s anything but difficult to clean (simply wash with high temp water) and I believe it’s wonderful. Also, you’ll intrigue your companions with your whisking aptitudes the disadvantage is that utilizing the chasen requires a touch of training and exertion. On the off chance that you can’t whisk consistently for over 10 seconds, the outcome will be disillusioning. We should begin making matcha! This time I utilized two matcha bowls (matchawan) and added matcha to each. A few people like to utilize a matcha strainer to break the protuberances; however I’ve never discovered the need to do as such. The chasen, matcha bowls and the matcha were purchased at Matcha Source, coincidentally.I poured high temp water in the first matchawan to start whisking. The measure of water is significant, don’t attempt to fill the matchawan, it’s just around 2 oz. (60 ml). Allude to the matcha page for the total preparing guidelines and a video. From the start the matcha is a dim green fluid, yet after you’re done it gets a lighter tone due to the froth. 

Utilizing the milk frother 

The milk frother I’m utilizing is somewhat old, however it actually works. This is the first occasion when that I use it for making matcha. These days if you see 

Best milk frothers with a hardened steel tip are more normal. Investigate this one, for instance. 

I turned it on and it quickly spilled a portion of the fluid out of the bowl, I even got little matcha drops in my glasses! 

Either my milk frother is excessively amazing, or I don’t generally have the foggiest idea how to utilize it. It managed the work rapidly, nonetheless. In the event that you take a gander at the image, you’ll see that the air pockets are greater than they typically are. This should occur with the milk frother, I ought to have utilized it a touch all the more yet was hesitant to do as such 

The outcomes 

The matcha made with the chasen came out better, since I’m accustomed to doing it that way. I’m feeling that possibly it would’ve been simpler in the event that I utilized a taller cup with the milk frother, and afterward empty the matcha back into the matchawan. Be that as it may, this is an additional progression, except if you wouldn’t fret drinking matcha from an alternate cup. Utilizing the milk frother ought to be simpler, so I should accomplish something incorrectly.

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