How to Make Money With SEO in 2022: 5 Tips

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Every day the internet gets flooded with tons of new content. Navigating through the cascades of data is practically impossible without the help of a search engine. That renders search engines tools of immense power. The websites that make it into the top listings will naturally collect most of the traffic. It is known that almost 70% of all online experiences start with a search engine query. Therefore, search engine optimization is a process that can be the deciding factor of whether your content appears in the top results or gets lost in the static.

The web has provided us with many fun ways to make money, such as monetizing YouTube content, winning on mrbet, or streaming on Twitch. However, earning money from SEO is something that can be applied in a variety of ways. Essentially, any type of content can get optimized. Furthermore, it can get monetized via selling products, offering services, or displaying ads. Making money from SEO use becomes a breeze once you know how to apply the basics. We will tell you about the five top tips on how to earn money by using SEO.

Make Money With SEO

Ways to Make Money With SEO – The 5 Top Tips

Build an Email List + Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, you will need to build what is called an authority site on your chosen topic. It is a website that will contain educational data on a subject in the niche that you want to sell in. Let’s say you build a site on pet care and optimize it with lots of keywords. Once you get enough people coming to your site for learning, you can use pop-ups to get them to subscribe to an email list. In your email list, you can then employ affiliate marketing to sell pet products. Sites like Amazon have affiliate marketing campaigns that allow you to earn a percentage from products sold through a specialized link.

Try E-Commerce

You may have noticed that a lot of E-Commerce stores are selling similar products, have similar branding, and the like. So what elevates one above the other? Sure, products could differ, as well as marketing styles. However, a lot of the time you will see the same products on multiple e-commerce sites. By using the power of SEO, you can climb up to the top of the rankings and outplay the competition. How? By collecting all the organic traffic in a niche. Understanding the art of SEO gives you the tools to thoroughly research what products are popular, what market gaps can get filled, and how to float above your competition in terms of collecting organic traffic.

Use Drop Shipping

Drop shipping has become incredibly popular over the past few years. It is a business model that allows the seller to have no inventory of stock whatsoever. All the heavy lifting gets done by suppliers. A seller simply markets a product, adds a hefty profit on top, and then forwards the orders to the supplier. Suppliers ship the product straight to your customer. Your only job is to find trending products and make them as easily discoverable as possible through the power of SEO. If you are asking yourself how to make money with SEO, drop shipping is an excellent method. The efficiency of such a business model can hardly get surpassed.

Perform SEO for Clients

As you see by now, SEO is an incredibly valuable tool when it is in the right hands. Not all SEO experts are equal, but the ones that stand out are worth their value in gold. Why is SEO worth the money? An expert can make all the difference to a website’s organic traffic, and companies know that. That is why professional SEO consultations come at a steep price. If you become that knowledgeable SEO expert, you can be sure that there will always be a job for you. In today’s digital world, SEO is highly prized, and it does not look like that is going to change anytime soon. The better you get at consulting and optimizing clients’ businesses, the more you will be able to earn long-term.

Launch a Blog

The versatility of SEO practices can not be overstated, as it can appeal to so many instances and business models. The more traffic you can funnel into a blog of yours, the more money you will be able to make off of ad revenues. On top of that, a blog can be based on your personal interests. You can make it whatever you like, and that is a great creative venture to embark upon. There is an audience for any topic on the web. The important part is to become discoverable and funnel those fans onto your site. With the capability of expertly applied SEO, that is just a question of time.


SEO is amongst the most versatile crafts one can learn in digital marketing. It can be applied to research buying trends, boost content, and funnel traffic to e-com sites. Also, SEO skills can get offered to help business clients. Simply put, SEO is a treasure trove that keeps on giving. How much money can you make with SEO? If you start a successful, optimized business, there is no limit to what you can earn. What do you think about SEO? Do you use it? Please leave your comments in the section below!

About the author:

Christine J. Shepard is a leading SEO consultant from New York, USA. She has been operating in the industry over the past few years. Nowadays, she writes articles that teach people the basics of how to market their businesses. Readers can find more of Christine’s writings on various blogs related to SEO, business, marketing and technology.

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