Understanding Master Key Security System

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If you are looking for a security system for your office, you should not rely on one system only. There are variety of security systems available in the industry and you can select one that suits your business the most. However, it is better to keep an alternate security system as backup plan in order to ensure that all your valuables are properly secured. The world is moving towards digital and smart security systems now. These systems are very expensive and efficient as well. However, if the electricity system goes down due to any unforeseen reasons, your security is compromised. You are also unable to move out of the building unless the electricity backup kicks in. Even though some smart security systems run on rechargeable battery, there are still issues when the battery runs out and there is no electricity supply. 

You can install a smart security system for your business office and select a master key security system as the backup plan. You can also get Master Key Replacement Alpharetta GA from your locksmith. The locksmiths can install, repair and replace master keys both for residential and commercial buildings. This security system is very convenient as it allows the businessowners to unlock many doors with just one master key. You do not have to carry a bunch of keys anymore. In fact, locksmiths can also customize a master key system exclusively as per your requirements. 

Setting Up Master Key System

You can get assistance form the locksmiths when it comes to master key security system setup. A variety of locks is available in the market but they have a similar pattern. These locks are used to set up a master key security system where all the locks have individual keys as well as one customized master key to operate all locks.  

Advantages Of Master Key System

The master key system has many advantages as it provides convenience to business owners as well as building landlords. If you are a building landlord and you have leased out hundred of rooms to your tenants, then you do not have to secure 100 duplicate keys for every room. You can use one master key to unlock all the rooms in case of emergencies. 

The master key system is an efficient system which provides easy access with one key. It is also cost-effective system as the locks are rekeyed during master key setup process. Master key also provides control to the business owners. You can restrict entry of personnel in unwanted places. It also provides security by allowing access to selected people only. Moreover, persons without keys are not authorized to enter the building. If you have it custom-made from a professional then the expert can also alter the master key system conveniently whenever needed. 

It is also beneficial for you if you find a professional locksmith near your office location. It ensures immediate services in case of emergencies. The locksmith can arrive within 30 minutes and provide you the emergency lock replacement or rekeying services whenever needed. 

Master key systems are not just convenient, these are affordable as well. for building landlords, when a tenant moves out of the building then their lock can be rekeyed instead of being replaced. The locksmith can reposition the lock cylinders and pins in a way that it can still be unlocked with the master key. Moreover, if your building is undergoing necessary maintenance & renovation then you can hand over the master key to your manager and let him monitor the task efficiently. 

Disadvantages Of Master Key System

While master key system has many advantages, the one riskiest disadvantage is that your security is compromised when the master key ends up in the wrong hands. When you own an apartment complex or a business, the master key should always be placed and secured carefully. You should not hand it over to someone who can abuse the power of master key. Moreover, if the tenant gets the apartment lock changed then your master key will not work on the new lock. 

Master Keys Repairs

You can get your master key repaired if it is not damaged enough. 24 Hour Locksmith Alpharetta GA services are available to handle repairs and replacement of security systems whenever needed. Sometimes, the issue can be with the lock while the key is working fine. In such cases, you can call your locksmith to inspect the lock and repair it, instead of replacing your lock or system. 

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