Types Of Massage: The Most Relaxing Options

massage therapy

There are many types of massages in the world. The term medical can be called almost any kind of massage, and between hygienic and preventive massage there are more theoretical than practical differences. Any kind of massage reflexively affects the cleavage of organs and systems, but separately isolate – reflex massage.

In addition, there are different forms of massage, depending on the range of massage techniques (general and local), as well as from the one who produces massage (massages performed by a massage therapist, mutual massage or self-massage).

There are different methods of massage:

  1. Foot
  2. Manual
  3. Hardware
  4. Combined
massage types

Hardware massage: what to choose?

Each of us has times when you want to spend the old amount of money on magnificent mischief such as lipstick in a case with a golden spray or bottle of perfume, which costs almost a real wealth. However, it is very likely that a month after the purchase, this same bottle will be at the bottom of your cosmetic drawers. But the new massage experience you will remember for a very long time, and maybe even want to repeat.

Stone therapy

Stone therapy is called massage with smooth warmed stones (from English stone – a stone), which perfectly relaxes, relieves pain and muscle clamps. Stone therapy is an appropriate variant of massage for pain in the spine and joints, arthritis, after experiencing stress and sleep disorders.

Problem areas massage a little with a small amount of oil, then for some time place on them stones of a certain temperature, after which they will do an intensive manual massage. You will get the best effect from the stone therapy if you trust a trained and experienced specialist spa-salon.

Aroma massage

On massage with essential oils you need to know three important things. The first one concerns the choice of oil, which depends on your desires and needs. If from aroma massage you are waiting for relaxation and voluptuousness, prefer the oils of lavender, geranium, mint.

If the goal is to get energy, consider options for citrus oils. Second: if you apply citrus oils in the summer, take care of skin protection from the sun. And the third – citrus oils are suitable for those who have no skin diseases and susceptibility to allergic reactions. If you, on the contrary, are prone to allergies, pick up safe oils for toning aroma massage, among them – rose, melissa, juniper.

Royal massage in four hands

Massage in four hands is by no means called royal. Imagine: you are relaxed and calm, and over you do not entice not just one, but just two professional

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