9 types of marketing during the holiday season

marketing during holiday season

Many big holidays are behind us, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. No matter what products you sell, you can use the holidays to increase revenue. Here are tips to help create a good marketing plan.

1. Prepare your calendar

Make sure every holiday is marked and includes a reminder. You’ll need plenty of time to prepare seasonal posts for each of these holidays, get it online, and encourage money in time for people. Discuss the calendar with your staff and strategy. Make your holiday social networking calendar beforehand, as you want to keep in mind that your team will soon be taking some time off. 

2. offer to buy

The easiest way to create the most out of the holidays is to use purchases. Black Friday and Cyber Monday possess no legacy behind them anyway and are an opportunity to increase sales by reducing costs. You don’t need to put up decorations or buy a Cyber Monday tree. Just make sure you understand which products you may be firing before the holidays and how many, and prepare your promotional materials.

3. Give a gift

A unique way to do this is to offer your customers a gift, it can be something simple like a mug or a cute panda gift that is practical, sites like Gifts66 have related gifts. Choose something that is low priced and also very practical.

4. Make a movie or even a couple of movies

If you’re not using video to promote your business, you’re not maximizing all the advertising power the world’s networks have to offer you. You don’t even need to spend hours fiddling with an editing program. Platforms like Promo make it fairly simple to make a movie by selecting from pre-shot and pre-edited high-quality footage, then discussing it and start making the next one.

5. Stay busy on social networks

The holidays are not an opportunity for social networking festivals. You’ll want to stay busy on all the customary platforms, so prepare another holiday for your audience and get them primed to buy. Invite your Facebook followers to discuss your own videos and have lots of good photos to discuss on Instagram.

6. Send a personal email to share your own story this year

And remember the great old-fashioned email ads!  Inboxes can feel more personal than human posts, so write a great story that is relevant to your business and thank your customers for being a part of it. Don’t forget to add a call to action.

7. decorate your own storefront

You may not need to rush out and buy a Black Friday bush, but you should add some banner ads to your website, correct your store window plans, and have fun with your own packaging. Customers should believe they are taking advantage of a time-limited opportunity, even though there is still one just around the corner.

8. Update your goals

As you approach the end of the calendar year additionally, this is an excellent time to take a peek at where you stand. Review your goals, create new ones, and also upgrade your post, so it looks up-to-date and fresh. The holidays are the perfect season to switch gears or change management.

9. Show your personality!

Remember, the holidays are happy times. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You may not be able to connect with your clients, but you’ll be able to joke around together, be yourselves, and build real relationships that can take you straight through the next year’s holidays.
The holiday year is hilarious, no matter which holiday you’re celebrating. Adding a small amount of holiday cheer to your advertising and marketing strategy today can make it more expressive and memorable for your customers and audience. 

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