Manual Driving Lesson Vs. Automatic Driving Lesson

automatic driving lessons

When deciding to learn driving, you may start wondering whether you should learn a manual driving lesson Perth or an automatic car driving lesson. Some family members and friends may advise you to learn manual driving because it will be easier to move to automated driving later. Others may insist on learning automatic driving directly as 90% of cars getting sold in Australia these days are automatic, and this number will only rise in the future.

However, it doesn’t mean that one is good while the other is bad. Both these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Based on your personal preference and needs, you can choose one. This blog provides a comparative discussion on the two in terms of pros and cons, reading which you can make your choice.

Manual Driving Lessons – A Complete Guide on Advantages and Disadvantages

automatic driving lessons

Learning to drive a manual car may be a little challenging because you will have to operate an extra pedal compared to a manual car. However, when you learn the techniques from a top-rated manual driving instructor, you can easily overcome the difficulties and drive confidently. Here we discuss the advantages and disadvantages that you should know before learning.


Cheaper to run

In general, the costs of maintaining manual cars is much less in the long run. It is because the machinery in a manual car is less complex than an automatic car, and thus it is less expensive to detect the problem and fix it. Despite this fact, if your clutch pedal experiences issues, you may have to bear substantial repair costs.

Better fuel economy

Another benefit of using a manual car is that they come with a better fuel economy. The engines in a manual car are less complicated and have less weight than those in automatic ones. This arrangement makes the vehicle capable of covering much longer distances while having less fuel in the tank. You can save from 5 to 15% on fuel costs.

Better control

Drivers driving manual cars can enjoy better control over their wheel. They can quickly change car gears to match the road conditions. This factor comes in handy while driving through open stretches and urban streets.

No need for an automatic driving test if you pass your manual driving test

According to road rules in Western Australia, if you can successfully pass your manual car driving test, you will not be required to appear for a further automatic car driving test.


Harder to learn

We have already mentioned that you may find manual learning car driving more challenging than an automatic car, and it may take considerable time. The reason is that you will need to change your gear manually constantly.

Tough to navigate through heavy traffic

Heavy traffic on the road is indeed a problematic situation for every driver. Now, if you drive a manual car through this kind of congestion, you can find it tough to navigate because you will need to start and stop the vehicle alternatively.

Not suitable in hilly roads

Sharp bends and steepness are the two most common features of hilly roads. In addition, road conditions may also cause problems for the drivers. Unless you are not an experienced individual, you cannot quickly drive through these regions.

Automatic driving lesson – a complete guide on advantages and disadvantages

In recent years, automatic cars have become highly popular among consumers because of the convenience they offer. Despite costing higher than manual cars, they offer some crucial benefits. Before you take up your automatic driving lessons from a Perth driving school, you must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks.


Easier to learn

If you feel nervous to think that you will have to change gears and control the clutch pedal manually, it will be better to learn automatic car driving. This type of car allows the driver to concentrate more on road conditions.


Driving an automatic car is easier because there is no need to change gears constantly, you will not have to worry about going through heavy traffic conditions. Keeping both your hands on the wheel, you can enjoy the driving experience.

Suitable for urban areas

While going through heavy traffic, it will be tiring for you to change gears frequently. In the case of manual car driving, you have to keep your feet continuously on the clutch to control it. On the other hand, it is not needed for automatic car driving, and you can remain focused on the traffic.


Higher maintenance costs

The whole system of transmission of an automatic vehicle is more complicated than a manual car. Naturally, you will need to bear high costs for repairs and replacements as servicing takes longer.

Much less control

For any situation, you can choose the best gear while driving an automatic car. But this system has a disadvantage too. If you shift to too high gear, it will consume more engine power. Also, automatic vehicle drivers do not get the chance to use a lower gear or anticipate an oncoming situation.

How To Decide Which Driving Lesson We Should Take?

Choosing between automatic and manual transmission will ultimately depend on your personal preference. We have discussed the pros and cons of both types, and now you should choose depending on your needs and capability. If you think you can handle manual transmission functions efficiently, you can type ‘manual driving lessons near me’ on the search bar and check the details of the top search results appearing.

Whatever transmission type you choose, make sure you get the top-quality driving instructors to train you because you want to pass your driving test on the first attempt.

Final words

If you want to become an expert driver, you should always look for the best Driving School Perth. While making a choice, however, you should consider several factors, including whether the school has proper accreditation, fee structure, and reviews.

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