Web Design Tips That’ll Make Your E-commerce Business Fly High

web design tips

It won’t come to you as a surprise when we state that according to hundreds of internationally trusted statistical organizations, all e-commerce firms across the globe record a trillion-dollar combined sales every year. These statistics reached a whole new level since the pandemic in 2020 which evidently, wasn’t so unfortunate for the e-com firms as business units. The worldwide lockdowns pushed the sales volumes for online platforms to boost up to a scale that no one had ever imagined or witnessed. This is a just small yet powerfully significant live example of the strong pedestal that e-commerce stands on.

The vision of e-commerce and its deep-laid foundations remained unshaken even during the worst peaks of the pandemic, showing the strength of the concept itself, the feasibility of the idea, and its easy accessibility to the masses. Now that people are more dependent on e-commerce websites than ever, it’s high time we pick which ones are reigning the segment and more importantly, how and why they steal the show? They must have some qualities that are making the people’s choice. While there can be a hundred possible reasons for a company’s success online such as product variety, pricing, offers, delivery, packaging to name a few, we’re focusing on one aspect here that defines the user-friendliness and convenience of understanding the platform i.e. Web Design.

The design of the website is one of those subtle factors that ultimately play a huge role in consumers’ conscious or subconscious decision-making. The minutest icon showing ‘certified products’ can have a significant impact on the consumers’ minds. There are ample reasons and examples to prove how huge companies that failed at some point also had bad Web designs that basically repel customers. For the sake of convenience, we’ll take the case study of eBay and Yahoo. Both of these are possibly the biggest and finest specimens of bad Web design that majorly contributed to their downfall. We’ll take references time and again for a better understanding of consumer mindset and buying behavior. 

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some tips on channelizing Web Designing services into getting the perfect website application for your business. 

1. The simpler the better :

Taking real-life examples from eBay and Yahoo, it’s safe to say that the e-commerce website and search engine respectively were too cluttered to be understood by first-time users. Your website is what speaks for you and you don’t have to word vomit there at every chance you get. Keeping the website clutter-free, hyper-organized and having an understanding of the fact that in some cases, less is more will take your business a long way. Yahoo’s cluttered search engine is historical, one of the biggest reasons for Google’s rise. Keep it simple so even a layman can understand it. Flooding the site with numerous elements of all your products will only add to the mess in which case you have to bear in mind the fact that the customer doesn’t have to see everything you have to offer in the first look. Let them explore section by section. 

2. Highlight the Category section :

Categories hide your gems. Highlighting your categories on the landing page is as important as organizing them. A clearly visible category section on the main page makes your website user-friendly which in turn encourages the visitors to explore further. This ensures catching user attention time and again right after they reach your website. Make sure to highlight the categories priority-wise meaning, your most popular products and new launch categories on top. Highlighting our example again, eBay lacked a proper organization of its product categories which made the users scrounge the website for hours to find the right product. 

3. Try replacing images with GIFs or motion graphics :

There are no limitations when it comes to adding more charm to your website. One way to do so is to use images with GIFs at some places. In most product category representations, a video adds more credibility to your offering and A GIF adds appeal to your product on the display page. So instead of putting the same old images everywhere, you can use these graphics instead to make your website aesthetically appealing. Even after such modernization, Web design agencies still fail to implement creative ideas like such that can passively make your platform grow and can ensure user engagement. 

4. Put Offers and Newly Launched products on Showcase:

The big bright deals on any product(s) or services should appear in bold on top of your website and so should the new launches. That’s the most tried and successful way to grab customer attention. Hidden deals steal away from the excitement and anticipation that should rightfully be built for such deals. 

5. Cart and wishlist icons are as essential as oxygen :

People should be able to check the products they loved and saved and the ones they ultimately bought easily with just one click. This adds all the more ease to the usage of your platform. 

6. An in-depth menu would do wonders:

A detailed menu with all your products and services listed in one categorized format for all to refer to, provides both quick and detailed views of all you have to offer. Make sure to keep this clutter-free too so people can comprehend right. 

7. Use high-quality photos :

Adding to one of our previous points, high-quality images from all possible angles of the products are very essential to prove credibility to the user. This eliminates one of the setbacks of e-commerce, the non- tangibility of products during purchase. High-quality pictures are therefore essential to ensure consumer satisfaction before buying. 
As significant as Web designing is to ensure the overall success of the platform, it’s still not done well enough by most design agencies to give you satisfactory results for the money that you’ve invested with them. At IosAndWeb and Technologies, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction by offering out-of-the-box ideas unique to your brand and your Web page. Our Web designing services are handled by a team of individuals with polished skill sets in the fields of graphics and website design. We ensure clarity and attractiveness of websites at all costs and for all brands – product or service based because we understand by experience that an e-commerce platform can reach a great standard with enough efforts and with great Web designs rendered by the best in business Web designing company in India.

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