Traveling is more than just visiting places, it is food for your soul. It is about creating positive memories and having the time of your life. Traveling is an investment that you make for yourself.  Travel breaks you free from the monotony and allows you to unwind and explore your true self. Traveling to new places allows you to step through your comfort zone and embrace new experiences and challenges as you learn more about the world around you.

Travel helps you immerse yourself in the best of experiences from local culture to breathtaking landscapes that broaden your horizon and help you understand the perspective on the world we live in. So, whenever you like traveling, that’s the right time to travel.

As easy as it sounds, traveling is easy; you just have to plan and prepare for traveling

Travel Destination –

Choosing a travel destination is the most difficult and the most important part that sets an objective to move in a particular direction and you finally have a place of your dream to visit.

Length of the trip –

The length of the trip helps you decide the itinerary for your trip. You get an idea about the places you can visit in your given travel time and help you plan your trip likewise.

Travel Cost –

Your travel destination and the length of the trip decide your travel cost. You can research well about the affordable housings, the cost to visit the places you are planning to manage your travel costs.

Travel Season

Unfavourable climate conditions can be a big spoiler when it comes to traveling to any place. So, travel during the favorable time of year that will enhance your travel experience not spoil it

Traveling can be overwhelming but we have just the best companion for you to make for the best travel experience. Travel is a personal experience that is so blissful that you can’t help but share it with the world. With the Explurger travel app, you can now share and create memories that will always stay with you.

Explurger is a made in India social media app artificial intelligence-based social media app to empower you beyond registrations. In addition to sharing photos and videos, it keeps an exact count of the kilometers, cities, countries, and continents traveled by you. Not just this, you can add places to your team list, create a detailed travel workshop and also share your future travel plans. There are amazing features that Explurger offers that make it the best travel app for you.

Explurger is your personalised travelogue.AI technology in the application automatically creates a personalized travel log the moment you share photos and videos. The app also has its own bucket list option where you can add the place that you wish to visit in near future. You can just add it to your bucket list. Next time you are near that place, it will display as a reminder and even offer you directions. You can also make your future travel plans ‘Live Countdown Timer” settings in the app. It also adds an extra thrill to your travel experience with gamification features. That implies that every time you explore a place, the app will give you points. There is also a “spread” feature that lets you share all your travel experiences on other social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If you want to spend the best time of your life on your travel, Explurger Travel App is suitable for all travel lovers. 

By Anurag Rathod

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