How to Make Your Smart Home “Smarter”

Smart Home Smarter

The world of digitalization has offered ample ways through which you can now make your dream home look smarter. Apart from the designing and architecting aspects, there are several gadgets which can completely transform the way you live your life at your home. Almost everything in your home can now be linked to Wi-Fi and allowing you to control temperature, music, and security systems all through an app. Such freedom and facilities can make your home more convenient and flexible place to live with unmatched comfort level. The best part is, you can hook these devices on your own to make your home look smarter than ever. This post is going to share some do it yourself ways through which you can enhance the level of comfort and security at home. 

Smart Televisions

A smart television is a good way to make an entry into the world of smart devices and it will take only few minutes to be installed by you. You can easily connect this TV to your Wi-Fi which will enable you to download apps and streaming services right to your TV set. This will eliminate the extra expenditure incurred on expensive accessories for streaming content as the operating system is built right into the television itself. All you need to do is to set a Wi-Fi password and download some smart apps to take entertainment to the next level. 

Smart Thermostat

This is another smart way to keep your home’s energy consumption in control and adjustable as per your requirements. You can explore ample smart thermostats in the market today and it will prove to be a smart investment for sure. These smart thermostats allow you to adjust your home temperature remotely like you can easily turn on your heat right before leaving your office and find your home warmed up when you reach. It can easily be accessed through your smartphone and you can check energy consumption and temperature in real-time irrespective of your location. The benefits of using this thermostat can be realized in long-term as you can turn-off air conditioners which are left mistakenly on or dial back the heat if you are not at home. 

Smart Lightings

These smart light bulbs are easy-to-install and can be controlled through your smartphone. Smart bulbs are available with multiple features and can save you enough money on your electricity consumption as it will get on only if there is someone in the room. There are some advanced smart bulbs which even change their colors and can be accessed easily through a smartphone. The installation process of such bulbs is also very handy including a set of accessories which can be connected to the Wi-Fi and the hub can be easily installed on your own. 

Echo Dot 

For anyone who wants to get comfortable talking to their smart devices, you can prefer these smart echo dots from Amazon. It can be used as a speaker to listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts throughout your home or you can also use Alexa for latest news and weather updates, setting up alarms, getting answers to your any question or simply calling anyone hands-free. These echo dots have much popularity since its launch in the market and has become almost a status symbol for contemporary lifestyle. 

Monochromatic Colors 

Choosing the best color combination using monochromatic colors has become one of the trendiest ways to make your home look smarter. Especially for the living room, try placing some bright-colored couch which best compliment your monochromatic color. Explore for some best paint store in Dubai to get desired reflective gaze on your walls through these colors. Use Art & Paintings on Walls

This aspect is the key to success for most of the interior designers who deliberately choose the perfect blend of wall arts, paintings, murals, Photographs, canvas, and frames to add some style and creativity to your rooms. Look for some best quality painting equipment in Dubai to get creative designs on your walls or you can use wallpapers either. Give wings to your imagination with such beautiful and state-of-the-art wall arts and paintings which will offer style and picturesqueness to your house. You can also choose to use spray paint tools for making your painting; an enjoyable task to do. 

Smart Hubs 

This device can ideally control most of your smart devices and equipment including lights, thermostats, television and many more. Rather than choosing different apps for each smart device, you can opt for a single smart hub that controls every smart device effectively with a central control unit either by its own smartphone app or voice command. The good thing is, these devices are easy to install, come with interesting range of features, and are affordable to suit your budget. 

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