Looking for Remote Work? Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out

Remote Work
Remote Work

If you are one of the many people jumping on the remote work trend, you may be wondering how you can stand out from the rest of the job candidates.

Your credentials need to be as competitive as possible in order to make sure your resume makes a good impression. There is a multitude of ways to accomplish this, but here are five choices to consider.

1. Further Your Education

If you have the time and commitment, adding a degree or certificate to your resume is a great way to increase your knowledge and qualifications. There are a lot of online education programs you can choose from.w

You can get creative with this by thinking about complementary programs that work with your current experience. If you want to focus on your depth of knowledge, as opposed to your breadth, you can continue studying the field you are already familiar with.

2. Tailor Your Application

Every time you apply for a new position, you should be adjusting your resume and cover letter to suit that particular job posting. Many companies and recruiters use computer programs to weed through applications before they even look at them. Pull words from the job description to make sure your application gets noticed by the algorithm, but also make sure it looks good for when the hiring manager finally gets their hands on it.

3. Shift Your Perspective

There are skills and talents that can transfer to multiple career fields, so if you have only been looking for jobs that are the equivalent of what you’ve always done you may be limiting yourself. The quick-thinking and incredible customer service skills of a restaurant server can translate into a career at a virtual call center. Communication, leadership, and organizational skills are all transferable and highly sought after.

4. Do Your Research

Depending on the industry or company you are applying to, you may also have some creative freedom with your application. Graphic designers, writers, and artists can usually take creative liberties with resumes and cover letters and have them pay off. However, if you’re trying to get a job in a more traditional environment, you should research the companies you are applying to. Do they look for specific things from applicants, like active social media accounts or civic engagement?

5. Explore Your Options

A traditional 9-to-5 is a viable option for many people and these types of positions do exist in a remote work environment. However, because so many people are looking for flexible employment options, there are other ways to make a living while working from home. If you have a skill or broad knowledge base that people could benefit from, consider freelancing online or offering virtual courses.

For some people, switching to a virtual work environment means switching career fields. For others, they want to continue what they’re doing, just start doing it from home. Either way, implementing some or all of these tips should help you get a little closer to your goal of working remotely.

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