How To Make A Progressive Web App From Your Website?

progressive web app

PWAs have a significant influence on web development. Progressive Web App Development is a major transition from websites. 

PWAs have emerged as the prominent choice among businesses because of their varied advantages, such as responsiveness, app-like interface, linkable, discoverability, cost-effectiveness, and many more. 

Do you want a website with a bad user experience performing slower than your competitors? If not, then there is the emergence of shifting towards PWA, and this step can prove to be effective. Take the example of Flipkart, Forbes, and other big companies that have benefited from PWA with increased engagement and conversion rates.

Now it’s the right time to convert your website to PWA and be one step ahead of your competitors by joining hands with the trusted Progressive Web App Development Company.

This blog will teach you everything you need to make a Progressive Web App from your website.

1. Secure HTTPS connection

PWAs are secure as they work with HTTPS connections. To convert your website into a PWA, ensure it is served with HTTP or HTTPS protocol. 

In this way, you can accomplish this vital task.

Find the SSL certificates, whether free or premium, then add the certificate if you have access to your website or the site is running on the server.

If you do not have access in this situation, you can approach your web host for SSL certificates.

After incorporating this essential step, users can access your website with HTTPS protocol.

2. Modern Head Tags

To transform your website into a PWA, the first thing to do is check whether your website is responsive or not, and afterward, you’ll have to add the web app manifest into your website’s <head> tag. Manifest will elaborate on the site’s meta description so that it will appear on the user’s home screen.

3. Develop a Manifest File

Every PWA has a manifest file, a simple JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) with all the essential data related to the PWA. 

You must create a manifest.json file for converting your site into a PWA. The mainfest.json file will hold information like name, scope, description, short_name, URL, etc. Web browsers use this file to determine how your PWA will display on the screen. 

Below the <head> tag, you can add the file you created, linking your PWA to the file.

<link rel =”manifest” href =”/manifest.json”>

You will get the “Add to home screen” link after the successful validation of an app by the Manifest section.

4. Add Service Worker in it.

It is a script that works on the browser’s background so that it can work even when the user is not even on the page. You will get offline support and become active when a notification appears.

The main features of service workers, such as background synchronization push notifications, are commonly used for offline first applications, giving developers the power to take overall control over the user experience. Adding this element renders quality testing.

A service worker caches the static content and allows PWA to work offline. The foremost thing to do when creating a service worker is to register it. You will get a JSON file if the browser supports it.

After you create the service worker, you have to generate the files for your service worker with some coding commands.

You can find these commands on the internet easily, enter them and create necessary files for the service worker of your PWA. 

After all these steps, you will get a PWA that will work as per your requirements.

Alternative Way

Above are the steps for transforming a website into a PWA. But what if, as an entrepreneur, you are not from a technical background, how can you do it? The best way is to hire a Progressive Web App development service provider for your PWA project. Hiring a PWA company can be beneficial as they possess sound technical knowledge, work on the updated tools, and are aware of the required essential steps in PWA development.

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Let’s Wrap it

While ensuring an app-like experience, PWAs have provided us with a new way to access the web. The purpose of developing PWAs is to provide a better user experience to mobile and web users. It will significantly increase the retention ratio of users on your website.

The steps explained in the blog will give you an idea of how you can create a Progressive Web App for your business. If you have not switched to this emerging technology, then it is prime time you can take the required steps to get the maximum benefits.

Instead of developing it on your own, you can hire web developers who are technically sound and can deliver an astonishing result with an excellent, Progressive Web App for your business.