Make your own profitable online shopping app. Why and how?

You must be aware that today’s generation has become smarter and they look for ways to buy branded items in negotiable price. Majority of youngsters look for online source and purchase. Plus, the 24/7 availability of online apps and shopping sites have made it easier for people to shop anytime and from anywhere. They get their things delivered at the given address on time. 

An overview on coupon sites and apps:

Coupon sites and apps offer promo codes and coupon codes that you can definitely use while purchasing services and products online. Almost all types of things and services are covered. For example: Hotels, travelling, restaurants, household items, makeup, skin care, gadgets, outfits, personal care, flights, web hosting, and so on.

The apps make their money by displaying discounted offers to you. When you go ahead and click on the affiliate link, you will be directed to the retailer so that you can purchase the items. Again, in certain cases, whenever you ‘unlock’ a code, you will get a new window opening on the screen with the specific retailer putting a cookie in your browser.

Statistical display:

In 2013, a survey found out that 70% of online shoppers prefer using coupon code which means 96.8 million people use coupons and codes. So, it leaves no doubt that today in 2021, almost everyone buy something or other using discounts, coupons, or codes they find online.

In another study, it is found that 90% of coupon traffic is actually buying traffic. It is because people have the tendency to search for coupons just before purchasing. Another type of people looks for coupon code when they are checking out.

Now, the main question is:- Does promo code or coupon code provide value to the retailers?

When a person types ‘Flipkart coupon’, it means he or she is going to purchase something from Flipkart. Hence, Flipkart will get the sale. But, here is a twist. As the customer is getting the coupon through an app online shopping, that specific app will get commission from Flipkart. It also describes that Flipkart will make less profit as it has to give discount to the customer and also pay commission to the referral online shopping app.

Customers remain happy as they get good discounts on costly products or services. It gives the feel of getting real value from the best online shopping app.

Your aim must be to give value to your audience through your app. Hence, you should join hands with all good companies that offer special discount offers. Added, your concentration with affiliate marketing must be on offering value to audience through amazing discounts.

Therefore, you can understand that starting an online shopping app can give you a big business. 

What should you do to make it a profitable business?

Think out of the box and offer something unique along with the common things. You can think of hobbies, web hosting, sports, cooking, WordPress themes, parenting, business, etc. Do not go heavy on the app’s content. 

You can add endless retailers and niche. There is more room for coupon sites outside the mainstream industries and retailers. See what works in your country and add them.

Ways app online shopping deliver value:

  • It gives genuine promotional and discounted offers on products they buy.
  • People love to buy good things in low cost.
  • Include multiple deals that are the best for your customers. 
  • Research the items and services that are wished by your customers.
  • If you can make your customers happy and satisfied, they will come back to tour app every time they need something to buy. 
  • Provide additional information to your customers and interact with them.
  • Allow your visitors to leave comments, rate deals, join community, etc.

Ways to make your online shopping app:

  • Pick a niche.
  • Do not try to compete with rich companies that dominate the market. Focus on your growth. 
  • Start small and grow gradually. Build rapport with merchants.
  • Add as many promo code, coupon code, discounted offers, etc. as you can covering various categories. 
  • Find out affiliate programs that helps in generating special discount offers.
  • Share codes on various ad sites and social media sites.
  • Create engaging blogs relevant to your niche.
  • Be present in social media and answer people.
  • Follow feedbacks and work on improving your app.
  • Build email list to get repeated traffic.
  • Notify your users regularly about new deals, offers, special discounts and codes.


Give time to build your app. Approach a professional app maker for it and take help from online marketing experts. Focus on your customers’ needs. Do not think about big profit at the beginning. Slowly and gradually, you will earn good profits from companies whose products and services you are selling to people through coupon codes and so on. 

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