How to Make Online High School Fun for Kids

online high school

Thanks to the emerging Omicron variant, kids are again expected to learn from home. Many kids like the idea of learning via high school online as they don’t have to get ready in the mornings and go to school all dressed up. However, many kids feel that online education can be boring and seek fun. If you are a teacher who wants to know how to make online high school fun for kids, then read on. Here are some tried and tested methods that work for kids of different ages/classes who opt for high school online. Good luck!

Have Theme Days

One of the simplest ways to make things fun for kids is to organize theme days. You can pick popular themes like a superhero day. You can use this opportunity to let kids open up about what superhero they like and why. It’s fun to know the kids better as a teacher and let them know each other via their superhero picks. 

online high school

Organize Online Games

Another smart way to keep kids engaged is to play online games during their free time. You don’t need to tell them to play mindless action games or racing games. Instead, you can also ask them to play particular games that stimulate their minds and boost their problem-solving skills. Games that test their math skills or spelling or grammar abilities could be good options. 

Initiate Online Competitions

If you want to motivate the kids to perform better at school, you can also organize online competitions for your students. You can pick a subject-based or general competition with multiple subjects or simply general knowledge. The competition should have several levels, and only the best players should move to the next levels. Also, add a prize or a trophy to give the students a reason to compete. Make sure everything is fair and unbiased too. 

Go for How to Classes

You can also make online learning more interesting by organizing how-to classes for students. Here, you can teach them skills that they can use later in life. An example could be to organize a how-to-nail college interview session wherein you will tell them how to dress for a college interview, speak confidently, frame their answers, and remain calm throughout the process. 

Remember Humor is a Friend

Make sure you always include humor in your lessons when you teach online. Humor is your friend who will help you keep things light and ensure that the kids relieve some stress. You can joke about serious matters like Omicron, vaccination, etc., but make sure you don’t offend anyone or take things too far. 

Have More Breaks

When teaching at a virtual high school, make sure that you give the kids more breaks. Often, kids feel uncomfortable just sitting there and staring at the screen. Too much screen time can also harm their eyes and posture. So, it is recommended that you give them a few minutes break after every hour or so to ensure that they get to stretch their legs or rub their eyes. Don’t stretch the classes too much, and make sure you keep their focus on you all the time to boost their learning. 

Know Them Better

If you want students to have fun in your class, it is smart to talk to them and get to know them as individuals. In addition to the regular introductory sessions, you should also hold one-on-one chats with your students where you allow them to tell you about themselves, their passions, their challenges, their life goals, etc. It will help you know how to motivate the students to perform better and reach their goals in life. It will also help you connect with them, and they will no longer be strangers whose faces you can see on your computer screen.

Tell Them About Yourself

Another easy way to keep things interesting is to tell the students about you. No, you don’t need to give them a long lecture on who you are and what your accomplishments are. Instead, it would help if you told them interesting things about yourself they can relate to. For instance, if you like Adele or Spiderman movies, share that information so that they can feel you have common ground.

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