Tips to make the kitchen bright and spacious

bright spacious kitchen

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Even the smallest kitchen can be made stylish and comfortable. The main thing is not to place the superfluous in the corners, look for new neat options for compact storage, pay attention to the latest appliances and furniture… However, first things first.

bright spacious kitchen

General cleaning

Before proceeding directly to the mini-repair, it is necessary to clear the scope of work. Do you remember the last time you did a general cleaning in the kitchen? Washed the refrigerator, polished the countertop, washed the curtains, threw away cracked dishes, sooty pans, and broken household appliances? If for a long time – it’s time to correct the situation and put the room in order. Cleaning will allow you to find out which kitchen elements are still beautiful but just dirty and which are already time to restore and retire.

Let the light in

No thick curtains and multi-layered draperies! Both natural and artificial lighting in the kitchen should be sufficient (darkened corners “eat up” the space). Try to do without curtains or limit yourself to a light translucent curtain.

Repaint headset

To make the kitchen look completely different, paint the set. The trend is white and gray tones. By the way, light shades will also make the room visually more spacious. If you love bright colors, choose tones close to natural and try to avoid acid ones, they have long gone out of fashion.

Don’t Skip the Dishwasher

The compact model has a place even in a small kitchen! In addition to the obvious advantages – saving you time and effort – the device will also help reduce water consumption (much more is spent washing dishes by hand).

In addition, this household assistant has additional advantages: the presence of a dishwasher eliminates the need to have a huge sink and allows you to abandon the bulky dish dryer.

Decorate an empty wall

An empty wall in the kitchen is a great space for creativity. You can hang wooden shelves in an unusual shape, for example, in a honeycomb, and put flowers on them. Or create a gallery of your favorite photos. If you don’t like a lot of decors, leave only the clock on this wall, but match it to the style of the kitchen. 

Open shelves in the kitchen

A quick way to transform your kitchen is to hang some open hanging shelves. For a modern-style interior, smooth solid-color shelves with LED backlighting are suitable, but deliberately rough wooden shelves look no less impressive, especially against plain walls.

Open plan shelving is a great way to show off your collection of favorite cookbooks, storage jars, or glasses. And a few photos, favorite items, or a couple of houseplants will turn your shelves into a perfect backdrop for a selfie.

Decorate the interior

The final touch is small bright interior details. For example, contrasting objects: a black vase on a white table, a bright plant, or a retro poster on a plain wall.

Since the refrigerator is one of the main space eaters in the kitchen, you can beat its size: paste over the door with a mirror or special white film on which you can draw with markers – children will be delighted with such a huge canvas, and adults can leave reminders for each other.

Choose a durable countertop

Water and juices from products are often spilled on the countertop. It happens that it gets hit with a knife or a meat hammer. And sometimes they even put a hot frying pan on it.

In order not to order a new countertop in a couple of years, pay attention to the material. It should be easy to wash and not afraid of water and accidental bumps.

Artificial stone is the best option. It is practically indestructible: it does not deteriorate from water and high temperature, does not absorb dirt and is easy to clean. This countertop will last a couple of decades.

Laminate is also not bad. It is cheaper than artificial stone, and high-quality laminate countertops are reliably protected from water and easy to clean. However, knife marks and traces of hot pots remain on them.

There are other options: wood and natural stone. They look beautiful but require careful care and are expensive. The tree swells, cracks, and changes color. Some types of natural stone (for example, marble) have a porous texture and absorb liquids. So spilled wine or tomato juice will leave stains.

Adjust the space

Use techniques that visually expand the room’s boundaries and raise the ceiling – so the kitchen will seem more spacious. You can equip a dark accent wall or floor, turn to vertical striped or diamond wallpaper for help, and decorate the ceiling around the perimeter with a wide plinth. 

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