Tips to Maintain A Sparkling Pool

Sparkling Pool

There is no better feeling than diving into a swimming pool to beat the summer heat. A pool not only provides you relief, but it also gives a beautiful look to your home. Everyone from kids to adults loves spending time in the pool.

A swimming pool requires proper maintenance and care. If you don’t pay attention, your pool may become dirty and unusable. It is not necessary to call a professional every time to look after your pool. You can make sure that your pool remains clean and sparkling all the time.

Follow these tips to maintain a sparkling pool.

Keep a check on the water level

During the summer a lot of water in the pool is lost due to evaporation. Apart from it, when you use the pool, swimming and splashing also reduce the level of water inside it. You should regularly check the water level of your pool. ONGA pool pumps will provide you with the best pumps to fill water in your pool.

The water level should always be above the height of the skimmer. The skimmer can sustain damage if the water level falls below the skimmer. If there is a low water level, make sure to supply water to the pool and fill it up to a standard level.

Check the chemistry of your pool

sparkling pool

It is essential to check the chemistry of your pool at least twice a week. The pH level indicates the level of acidity or alkalinity. It has a range from zero to fourteen. The ideal pH level of your pool is between 7.2 to 7.4. It is vital to maintain the chemical balance of your pool.

Chlorine in the water will not work if the pH level increases too much. If you maintain the pH of your pool around 7.2, the chlorine will be very active, and you will not need to use too much chlorine. You can use test strips to check the pH level of your pool. It is easy to use these strips.

Check and clean the skimmer regularly

The skimmer is an essential part of the pool. It is present at the side of the pool. Its work is to skim dust, dirt and other waste off the surface of the water before they dissolve and reach the bottom of the pool. It is essential to clean the skimmer at least twice a week to maintain a clean pool.

You need to open the skimmer and throw away the waste that is present inside it. Clean it thoroughly and place it back in position. You can arrange for professional help if you cannot do this on your own.

 Regularly clean the pool filter

pool filter

Filters vary a lot and are available in different kinds. Each type of filter needs cleaning at different intervals of time. It also depends on how frequently you use your pool. Make sure you know when to clean your filter else you may damage it. Generally, you should clean the filter once every four to six months.

When you clean the filter, always leave a little bit of dust behind. It will help in attracting other waste particles inside the filter and keep the pool clean and bright. Also, let the filter dry up entirely before putting it back into its place.

Regularly shock your water

You can buy shock treatments from your local pool store. You should always maintain the chemical balance and chlorine level in your pool. However, sometimes bacteria remain in the water. To fight this problem, it is essential to shock your water at least once a week.

You should know how much shock you need to add to your pool, depending upon the size of your pool. You should consult a professional once so that he gives proper guidelines on how to use the shock treatment. It will keep bacteria and algae from growing inside your pool.

Regularly check the pool’s chlorine generator

For people who use salt pools, it is essential to keep a check on the chlorine generator of your pool. You don’t need to worry about buying and storing chlorine for your pool as the chlorine generator will itself produce the chlorine. If the generator is not working correctly, it will overproduce chlorine. You will able to taste the salty water if this happens. Do not let this happen.

This system is very beneficial and has a lot of advantages. It is a bit difficult to set up and quite expensive. However, it will help you a lot and save you money in the long run. Make sure to use the generator in the right way.


We all love using our pool. It provides a lot of relief to us. We have to make sure that we maintain it and keep it clean at all times. Follow the above-mentioned tips to maintain a sparkling pool. You and your family, everyone will love to use a clean pool.

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