Online learning has been a legitimate method of learning for years. Its advantages are helpful to many people, especially during pandemics. However, you must know both pros and cons of online learning to prepare yourself in the best way. Let’s mention the main 4 advantages of online learning followed by 4 disadvantages.

online learning

Online learning saves time

Something convenient will be good for the majority of people. Since you don’t have to be physically present in the classroom, you save a lot of time. All you need is a laptop, some learning materials and maybe headphones. This gives you plenty of time to do some errands that you might not have time for otherwise.

Online learning is flexible

If you like a flexible schedule online learning is the right choice for you. It is difficult to be late for your classes since you only need to get up and log in. There is no need to show up in the classroom so you get to sleep longer and rest before the class. This makes your lessons more combinable with your other responsibilities, like taking care of kids if you’re a parent or finding a job. Don’t forget that so much flexibility requires some organizational skills from your end since you are going to need some self-discipline along the way. Some people are prone to get lazy when they have flexible schedules.

There is a variety of available subjects for learning

We were once limited when it comes to the variety of the courses available to us. Every university had a limited number of courses for the students. Now, with online learning, there are courses you can choose from that might be from a faraway university you wouldn’t be able to attend physically. Online learning breaks those boundaries and all you have to do is find a course for you and get the adequate RTO resources for the chosen course. Online courses also have credibility since many prestigious schools nowadays offer them.

Online learning means no commuting

Is there something better than not having to go to a class on a winter or rainy day? Online learning provides you with the option to stay home and avoid commuting every day. You will save some money too, since you will have to pay for train or bus tickets or in case you use a car, you will spend less money on fuel. This implies some obvious environmental benefits as well. You are warm, comfortable and can even stay in your pajamas if you want to.

Now, let’s mention the 4 main cons of online learning.

Online learning can discourage social interactions

Extroverts might find online learning struggling. Human beings are gregarious and they seek company. Many people have anecdotes from the time they were students, referring to that time as the funniest and the best one. Online learning takes that away, and you have to work on your social life out of university. Interaction with peers can be fun and also helpful when it comes to sharing notes and knowledge, so you might try some alternatives like using group chats with your peers or meet in person from time to time to study.

Online learning makes you lack motivation

A lot of free time and little control and boundaries can make you lazy after a while. This can mean that you might prefer to watch a movie or binge a series than to study. Not to mention that you might even gain some weight from this sedentary lifestyle. Knowing this, you can try to prevent it by organizing your day and adding some self-discipline. It can be difficult to stay motivated, which is why you should have daily goals when it comes to learning and exercising.

Online learning has limited scholarship options

Although there is endless learning material, that doesn’t mean you can make a career out of all of them. Scholarship programs are limited and not all of the courses imply the opportunity to master your skills in the future. Choose your courses very well, because if some of them don’t offer more than theoretical knowledge you might want to look for something else with more perspective.

Online learning lack practical knowledge

If you’re in the classroom, you won’t be able to attend some practical classes. Some subjects require practical knowledge, such as many classes in medical schools, crafts, safety at work classes, and many others. For classes that imply the necessity of practical knowledge, you might want to be present and discard them as an online option, since you will never learn them well online.

Today you have many more options than in some previous times. Online learning is just one of them. Bear in mind that everything has its pros and cons and that choosing well and adapting to the situation might provide you with the optimal results. This is especially important in case you don’t have many options since the pandemic has obliged some of us to learn or work from our homes.

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