How Luxury Rigid Boxes Can Bring Growth to Your Business


Every brand is looking to find a solution for packaging needs. For example, small and big brands are looking to get rigid boxes that are made according to their dimensions and style. As we know that competition is high among brands so you want to make sure that you get the best high quality luxury rigid boxes in order to compete with other brands and increase sales. These rigid boxes are strong enough to ship any product from one place to another.

When you use custom rigid boxes for shipping purposes and want to make sure that your items arrive safe and sound, do not worry as these rigid boxes are very durable and sturdy enough to hold items inside. These boxes will arrive safely to your consumers and it is not easily damaged and the client will get their product the same as during the packing. That is why the standard of the company is maintained when they have products in hand with good quality.

Also to remember that when you use rigid box packaging for shipping purposes you can save money as the cost would be reduced and the reason behind that is they are lightweight so the shipping becomes very easy for these boxes. 

Different Types of Rigid Boxes

There are many types of rigid boxes available at and you can fully customize them according to your dimensions. You can also get rigid chocolate boxes to give away or for branding purposes. These boxes are very elegant and the packaging is also very exclusive. 

Pak Branding has experienced designers to guide you through and to make sure that they understand the requirement of your demand and market value as well. You can share your artwork with them and make changes to it wherever and however you want it to be. If you do not have any artworks, do not worry. They can design the art design and logo for you in a very reasonable bundle package.

Pak Branding is one of the top rigid box suppliers in the market. Some brands go for the foldable rigid box as it is very flexible and easy to use and close. Foldable boxes demand is increasing day by day because of its elegant look. These rigid boxes also guarantee the safety of your product while shipping. Having a die-cut window is also a good option to go if you are going to place them on shelves in a retail store. This way the consumer can see your beautiful product inside and know what is hiding in there.

Design and Colors

You can also print different designs and as many colors as you wish because printing on these boxes is very easy and they are not so expensive either. Plus you can reuse them whenever you need to be. Try to apply colors and design according to your product. Plus adding some helpful information can be hassle-free for clients when it comes to decision making. 

Some new businesses think that custom rigid boxes can be expensive and what happens next is they try to purchase plain boxes which are ready to use in order to save some money. Well to be honest these custom rigid boxes are not so expensive and you can easily purchase any quantity you may require. 

Just imagine that you have purchased ready to use boxes for your products and you are not sure whether they will fit inside or not. What happens if the product size is big or small as compared to the box that you have purchased? It will ruin your cost as well as it will have some bad impact on your brand in the market. 

Unique Boxing Experience

So you want to be 100 percent sure that your packaging meets the entire requirement for your product. That is why most brands choose to go for custom packaging because it will ensure that the items or products fit nicely before they are sent out to market or shipped to consumers. One of the benefits of having custom made boxes is that you can also print your brand logo in order for a consumer to remember your brand name when they come to buy next time. 

You can also print your logo in a stylish way and it will not only help you do branding but will also help recognize your company.


All of the rigid boxes at Pak Branding are made of quality material. Most of the time they are made of cardboard or Kraft thick material. All of those materials are perfect in terms of strengths and durability. You can have full color printing according to your desire. The best thing about custom boxes is that you can add images and instructions according to your product which makes them even more elegant. When you have everything applied to your custom box it will make your brand look very professional. You can also add gold or silver foil to your logo to make it look appealing and eye-catching.

If you are looking to get a quote or any kind of assistant for your packaging, reach out to pak branding now and get a free consultation plus a price quote according to your given dimensions.

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