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In today’s digital world, the luxury eyewear industry is divided into two main categories. They are eyeglasses and sunglasses. The eyeglasses deal with optical glasses, prescription glasses, computer glasses, and types of eyeglass frames.

On the contrary, sunglasses deal with UV protected sunglasses, polarised sunglasses, tinted sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses, and many more with different types of shades. Moreover, with the rise in eCommerce stores for eyeglasses and sunglasses, you can buy luxury eyewear online as per your requirements with ease. 

Now, let us dive deep into the luxury eyewear types and everything that you need to know about them in detail.

Essential points about sunglasses and UV protection

Most people know the importance of skin protection from the sun. But, what to do about your eyes? Sunglasses do not only make it easier to see on sunny days, but they are also vital for protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB radiation from the sunlight.

The selection of the right sunglasses is about much more than showing off your style. Here we talk about the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays of the sun and UV protection when the weather is cloudy or overcast.

What is the importance of UV protection?

High exposure to UV and HEV (High-Energy Visible light) rays from the sun can have severe short and long-term implications for our overall health, including retinal diseases, vision impairment, blindness, and cancer. 

Wearing sunglasses and eyeglasses as part of your routine can help block UV rays of the sun from reaching your eyes to protect and preserve your eye health

How do you select suitable sunglasses?

To discover the right sunglasses for you is much more crucial than style. From glasses type to lens tint, there are a few things to consider to find a fit for your lifestyle. 

Adequate protection

You can check the label and make sure they offer one hundred percent UV or UV400 protection.

Glass frame shape and height

The height of the glass is a critical factor in ensuring that your eyes, eyelids, and the surrounding delicate skin around them, are entirely protected. Therefore, a lens height of at least thirty mm works best for sunglasses.

Polarised or non-polarized sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses also offer a hundred percent UV protection. Compared to classic, non-polarized sunglasses include technology that helps to reduce glare and enhance contrast, making them the preferred choice for driving, outdoor sports, and water-based activities. 

Lens tints

While the colour and finish of your lens tint do not affect the level of UV protection that your sunglasses offer, so, for this reason, different shades are designed for specific conditions. 

They are rated by category from zero (lighter tints) to four (very dark hues). The lower-rated glasses are best for weak sunlight or low brightness, and higher ratings of tint are perfect for intense sunlight and extreme shine. 

Lens coatings

You can boost your sunglass performance with lens coatings. Mirrored tints are a great option if you are looking for non-polarized lenses for outdoor activities.

Anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings will extend the life of your sunglasses and provide vital protection from the sun’s glare and UV penetration through your lenses.


It is essential to put on your sunglasses for specific conditions. It means you need a pair of sunglasses that you are eagerly waiting to wear. To choose the right frame shape, you can select between gradient, classic, and mirrored tints, depending on your preferences. 

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Other UV protected sunglasses to select:

Nearly about fifty percent of UV exposure occurs when people are not in direct sunlight. Even when it is not sunny, UV radiation is constantly being transmitted through clouds in the atmosphere and reflected off surrounding surfaces.

So, in this situation, your eyes are constantly exposed. It does not mean that you need to wear sunglasses at all times. Other types of transparent glasses can protect your eyes from UV that includes:

Protective coating

You can add a UV protective coating to regular glasses. As a result, they are anti-reflective, water-repellant, and smudge-resistant. 

Photochromic glasses

Glasses with photochromic technology, similar to transition lenses, automatically lighten and darken based on UV exposure in the environment. It gives you a hundred percent UV protection, seamless adaptation, and relief from light sensitivity. 

How to buy sunglasses online?

At first, you can look out for sunglasses that offer a hundred percent UV protection. After that, we provide multiple sunglasses options, from polarised to traditional to choose from, along with everything from budget-friendly to designer eyeglasses.

You can use the filter option to test out different styles or shop by face shapes. You can also try curated options when you buy designer eyewear which speaks of your persona from various eCommerce websites . 

Types of eyeglasses that complements your skin tone

We tend to choose eyeglasses based on our face shape, whether oval, square, diamond, or heart. Therefore, it is the topmost parameter you should consider while selecting eyeglasses frames.

It is indeed the most appropriate way to find your perfect pair. But, there is more that you need to consider while choosing eyeglasses frame colour, and it is your skin tone. So, let us discuss it in brief.

Eyeglasses for different tones and shades of skin tones

  • Light tone with warm undertone

People with pale skin coupled with a greenish or yellowish undertone are known as light skin tones with a warm undertone. Dark frame colours tend to be a contrast against the soft skin tone like blue eyeglasses frames.

Light tone with cool undertone

These individuals have a much lighter skin tone with a blue or pinkish undertone. Neutral eyeglasses frame colours are an excellent option for such people. You should go for transparent eyeglasses if you have this skin tone.

Medium tone with warm undertone:

Such people have a medium skin colour with a yellow or green undertone. Light brown eyeglasses & other earthly colours compliment the person the most with this skin tone.

Medium tone with cool undertone

Those people having a medium skin tone with a few bluish or pink undertones come under this category. Blue and purple shades of glasses frame are suitable for such people.

A deep tone with a warm undertone

People with a deep skin tone accompanied by a deep yellowish undertone. Warm colours are considered to be much more suitable for such people. You should choose gold in eyeglasses colours in this case.

A deep tone with a cool undertone

There are deep shades of skin tone that get coupled with a cool undertone. Black and purple eyeglasses shades are a perfect fit for this type of skin tone.

To Sum Up

If you would like to try on different styles of eyeglasses, then you can buy d&g sunglasses from the popular online eCommerce store. Eyeglasses are further classified based on the face and glasses shape. Few examples of glasses shapes include Round glasses, Hexagonal frames, and Cat-Eye glasses.

You can get an idea of different types of luxury eyewear options available such as sunglasses and eyeglasses. Get to know which eyeglasses are better for different skin tones.

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