Ludo has always been one of the most popular games across ages. However, it has also been adapted to the times, and what was available earlier as a board game can now be found in the form of a mobile app. Despite the change in avatar, the game remains as interesting and fascinating. Instead of playing with the same people in front earlier, it can now be played with players from around the world. An interesting fact here is that the current generation is directly playing on the app version and has never tried the board game.  

Many Hours of Fun

The appearance of the board remains the same, although the user interface has definitely changed. Nowadays, with the help of the Ludo app, it has become possible to earn money or coins. Individual rooms can be created to play with a specific player as well. Some people may require guidance on how to earn money from Ludo. For the benefit, information on how to play Ludo has been given below.

how to play Ludo

2-4 players can play this game at one time, each of them getting 4 tokens to play. Each piece can enter the virtual board only after the player gets the number 6 on his or her dice. Every piece belonging to very player has to complete 4 rounds of the entire board and get into the designated house of same colour. The one who gets all of his or her 4 tokens into the house will win the game.

There are 2 ways in which a lot of fun is possible here. The first is that it may take a very long time for the tokens belonging to one player to move, simply because he or she is not getting 6 on the dice. The other method is to eliminate each other’s tokens by moving and landing on another player’s tokens.   

Money for the game may be necessary, and it can be withdrawn through online bank accounts and wallets, but the account will require initial verification.  

For guidance, every reputed Ludo app contains a tutorial for people to play the game and have a great experience. Step-by-step instructions here will definitely help, and experience gathered will be useful for winning more games in the future.

Using Referral Codes

When a Ludo player is able to register other players by using his or her referral codes, the player get a chance to win cash at a later date.

Voice Chat

Several game manufacturers have integrated Voice Chat into the Ludo gaming platform. This allows players to chat with each other during the game. Players can form friendships in this manner and play many games together. It helps create excitement among the players, who are also allowed to share emotions through emojis.  

Attractive Skins

In case of Ludo, skin is the name given to the colour and pattern of the virtual board. It can be changed during the game, often while moving from a lower to a higher level. Each skin at the next level makes the game more visual appealing than the previous one, and also comes with matching sounds.

Players also get bonuses on the basis of the number of completed games. Certain Ludo apps give higher bonuses than others.

Maximum Online Security

In normal cases, there are always chances of vital personal information being leaked through the Internet. However, the same can be avoided by playing on well known Ludo apps only. Information about these apps can be found through reviews on the Apple Store and the Google Play store. These sites have strong security to prevent data from being misused, 

Best Practices for Ludo

Certain strategies are more helpful for successful game closure than others. A lot of these strategies can be found on different websites as well. Here is a look:

  1. Rule of 7– Always try to be 7 steps ahead of the opponent on the virtual board. It is helpful for planning an escape in case the opponent’s token gets close. Think of it as one of the best chances of survival.
  2. All tokens must move– there is no need for one token to complete the board journey and return home before starting another. All tokens must be simultaneously moved as much as possible. After all, the game is largely dependent on luck, and that should not be forgotten.
  3. Math Skills– Make use of probability to determine movement, to ensure best results
  4. More chances of knocking over opponent’s tokens– For this to happen, players should decrease their own probability of getting knocked over first. More than one remaining tokens to handle one token of the opponent would always be advantageous.
  5. The Waiting Game– Star signs are present on the board, and tokens present on them cannot be knocked off. These star signs should be used strategically to move ahead at the right time.

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