10 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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Talk about marketing and most small businesses immediately talk about budget roadblock. If you are running a small business you’d have the first-hand experience in budget constraints and how it often handicaps you in your fight against bigger rivals. The good news is there is a lot you can do to promote your business on the digital platform without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are 10 low budget marketing strategy for new business that you can try –

Post-Good Content

The success of your digital marketing campaign would rest on how well you engage with the audience. Content is, without doubt, the most potent engagement tool. Posting good content regularly on your blog or social media handle would help you engage with customers more.  

Organic Search Marketing

You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization and if you have a website and see it as a tool to reach out to your target audience you need to run an SEO campaign. What this does is brings in traffic to your website increasing your online visibility and offering you the chance to grow your business. Get a small business marketing consultant onboard and they will run the most rewarding SEO campaign for you.

Create Videos –

The advent of smartphones has meant that people are spending more time than ever on the Internet. People are watching more hours of videos than they did on PCs and Laptops. YouTube offers you a great chance to promote your business by making interesting videos. What’s more, you can also earn ad revenue from your videos and use it to run your marketing campaign.

Create Infographics

They need time to create and might require you to hire the services of an expert but they are one of the best marketing tools in today’s world. Think about something your target audience is looking for and create one around that subject. The advantage with Infographics is the fact that they are shared very fast and by spending money once on creating them you’d be able to enjoy returns for a long time.

Try Coupon Sites

Affiliate marketing is a great idea to promote your business. You can tie up with a coupon site and offer exclusive deals and discounts to their users. The advantage with this strategy is that these sites have hundreds of thousands of daily page views and when your brand is listed on their platform you take it to a larger audience and create new opportunities of business.

6. Run a Facebook Campaign

Running a Facebook campaign is different from merely having a Facebook page for your business. You can hire a small business marketing consultant to set up a campaign with defined goals and spend some money on Facebook ads to increase your reach and visibility.

7. Try Paid Search Marketing

The very term ‘paid’ can often scare small businesses. No, you won’t need to break the bank to run your paid search marketing campaign also known as PPC or pay per click marketing. Here you have the freedom to set your budget and how it is spent. This strategy brings in highly targeted traffic to your website and increasing the conversion rate.

8. Recycle Conten

We have stated the importance of content. If you have dozens of published blog posts you can think of recycling them. Try converting these blogs into instructional videos or create an e-book out of your best blogs. The advantage of this strategy is that it lets you create new content without having to go through research again or paying a writer.

9. Online Contest

Online contests are one of the easiest ways to grow your business. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the prizes for the winners or simply cut even that cost by offering your own product or service. But they engage potential customers and bring new ones to the fold. Promote your contest actively on social media to create maximum interest and curiosity.

10. Try Offline Marketing

Though we have highlighted on digital marketing strategies so far you shouldn’t completely ignore the potential of offline marketing. A great business card may arouse interest in your business. Similarly try out low-cost door hangers, flyers and posters as these help in grabbing eyeballs and at the same time have a longer shelf life as compared to other low budget marketing strategies.

Hire a small business marketing consultant and try these market strategy for small business and you’d be able to engage with your target audience and increase your brand recognition.

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